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WordPress Exabytes Singapore Review
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My website is currently hosted by Exabytes and I’ve been with them for almost a year. It is so far so good as my site did not encounter any major server issues that causes my website to be down. There were some compatibility and SEO issues at the start right after the migration, but they were all resolved.

This time, I am testing out one of their latest WordPress Hosting Plan – WP12 business. They have introduced 3 other new WP hosting plans, namely, WP 12 Beginner, WP E-commerce and WP12 Ultimate. This time, their hosting plans are more comprehensive, cheaper and more value for money.

4 different types off WordPress Hosting Plans by Exabytes

Prices for their WP hosting plans starts as low as SGD$3.99 per month. For only $3.99 per month, you are able to host up to 30 websites, 30 email accounts and run your websites on their Ultrafast LiteSpeed server. That will work to be about $47.88 per year if you are hosting your WordPress site with Exabytes. All of their 4 WP hosting plans are equipped with these features.

What’s covered in WP Hosting Plans?

1. Ultrafast LiteSpeed Server

With their LiteSpeed server, your websites will load faster and perform better. I noticed this immediate change in loading speed after my website was hosted on WP12 Business. It now loads so much faster than before.

2. WordPress Accelerator

Once you signed up with their hosting plans, your website will be equipped with a LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress (LSCWPplugin, an all-in-one site acceleration. Together with their LiteSpeed entreprise servers, your website will run even faster than before.

3. 24/7 WordPress support

Round technical support is crucial in case when you encounter issues with your website. Once it is down, you can immediately email or WhatsApp them. So far, the replies have been quick and I often get a respond within a couple of hours.

4. SSD storage

The hosting plan also comes with SSD (solid-state hard drive)which has a 10 times faster loading speed compared to SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment).

5. Enhanced Security and Daily backups

It also comes with Website Security360 protection, Automatic Malware Scan, WordPress security scan and security patch. The plan comes with free daily backups too. With this enhanced security, you can run a safe and secured website with a peace of mind.

WP12 Business Hosting Plan

The hosting plan that I got is WP12 Business. This plan is one grade above WP Beginner. It is suitable for companies who run more than one website which has a monthly visit of 100,000. This plan includes a free domain so that you don’t have to purchase a separate domain.

The migration was done by their team and they do charge for the site migration if you are switching hosting plans or host provider. The migration process was relatively fast. The only issue I encountered thus far is the site index page errors surfaced by Google search console. However, the issue was resolved after consulting Exabytes technical team of experts.

Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the current site speed which was an improvement from their previous version of WordPress hosting plan.

Do check out Exabytes website to find out more.

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