The Mad Sailors offers the Best Butterbeer in Singapore

The Mad Sailors Halal Restaurant Haji Lane Butter beer

I was invited by The Black Hole group to try out food offerings at one of the F&B establishments, The Mad Sailors. This halal-friendly restaurant is located right along Haji Lane.

I have walked past this restaurant many times whenever I am at Haji Lane but little did I know that they actually offer Harry Potter’s infamous Butterbeer drink or butterscotch soda.

What we ordered

Butterscotch Soda and Oysters

The Mad Sailors Halal Restaurant Haji Lane Butter beer

For a start, we tried their Butterscotch soda which turns out to be a highlight of my dining experience at The Mad Sailors. The soda has a subtle sweet caramel taste and best of all, it is topped with a layer of frothy light whipped cream, dusted with some sea salt. This is like the best alternative to beer. I call this ‘ Kid’s Beer’.

We also had fresh oysters imported from Japan. They are served with green apple, caviar and white balsamic. There’s no fishy metallic taste at all and the oyster flesh is truly so sweet and fresh.

Fish & Chips and Lamb Ribs

The Mad Sailors Halal Restaurant Haji Lane Butter beer

For the mains, we tried their signature Fish & Chips and Lamb Ribs. As for the Fish & Chips, there’s nothing really to shout about except for the Atlantic Cod fish which meat is nice and flaky. The combination of the fish together with the mushy pea sauce and tartar sauce did not sit quite well for me.

However, the lamb ribs was stellar. My dining partner could not stop raving about how tasty and meaty it is. The ribs is well-seasoned with walnut gremolata, fennel and black garlic. The meat turns out really flavourful and soft. And it goes well with the pea puree.

Chocolate Torte

Last but not least, we selected their crowd favourite dessert, Chocolate Torte which is served with Vanilla French Bean Gelato. It’s really rich, sweet, dense and chocolatey. It’s a good dessert to share among two or three people. For me, it is a little too rich and sweet.

The Mad Sailors Halal Restaurant Haji Lane Butter beer

Overall, the dining experience at The Mad Sailors was a really pleasant one. My absolute favourite is still their Butterscotch soda which I could not mind having it again.

The Mad Sailors

Address: 24 Haji Ln, Singapore 189217

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