I’ve started an online business on Etsy selling digital art and desktop organiser wallpaper

I’ve always wanted to start a business and create meaning in the work that I do. That’s one of the main reasons why I decided to quit my job. Starting a business on my own is what exactly been dreaming of. I have many business ideas to begin with but do not know how to go about transforming them into reality. Leaving my stable job has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and motivated me to revisit my passion and dreams.

Call me an aesthete

I’ve always love art as a kid and designing seems to be in my blood. Setting a blog, picking up some basic web designing skills and taking photos are essentially different forms of art. No wonder I was so excited about designing wedding cards and creating photo montage for my own wedding. And maybe I could create digital art pieces and share them with the world. I not sure if my designs are up to everyone’s liking but I just enjoy the process of designing posters, cards and other visuals. It delights me to be creating a visual for aesthetic purposes.

Introducing my Etsy Shop: Deenise Glitz

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My Etsy Shop Listings

Thus, starting an online business selling my digital art printables on Etsy sounds like a fantastic idea. I started my very first online shop named ‘Deenise Glitz‘ and have been working on my art creations almost on a daily basis. Currently, I only create digital art printables and templates which you can purchase and download for your own personal use. In the upcoming months, I hope to put up more offerings on my Etsy shop. Should you have any ideas, do let me know in the comment box below!

My Digital Art Printables

deeniseglitz etsy shop digital art prints

I am currently working on digital wall art pieces where you can purchase and get it printed out with your own printing devices then frame it up. That’s what I do to spruce up my current living space too.

I’ve also put up my wedding excel template for soon-to-be brides and grooms to plan their wedding. When I first posted my wedding preparation video on YouTube, there were a handful of people who emailed me to ask me for the wedding excel sheet template which I’ve created. I was heartened to know that some of you find my excel sheet useful. So I’ve decided to list it on my Etsy shop so that more of you can use the template as well.

Desktop Organizer Wallpaper

I’ve also created desktop organizer wallpaper which are available for downloads. I find this exceptionally useful because it will make your desktop looks more organised and neat. You can drag and drop your files or folders under the various suitable categories on the desktop organiser so that it is so much easier to locate the files.

Setting up a shop on Etsy

Starting an online business to sell your creations or items on Etsy is not that difficult. It takes only minutes to set up a shop on Etsy. The tedious part is probably entering all the details for each listing and marketing your shop online. Etsy charges $0.20 per listing which will last for 4 months.

To be very honest, I haven’t make any sales or profits as of today but I am keeping my fingers cross. I hope this would be a success as I enjoy creating digital art. I may not be really good at it but I just enjoy the process of creating an artwork. But if this venture fails, I will just keep trying.

If you are looking for some artwork to spruce up your living space, do check out my Etsy shop. For each purchase, I provide free customisation service where you can indicate the size or colour of the digital art print. Your support is very much appreciated!

(Updated: 13 July 2021)

I finally got my first sale and thank you to my very first buyer who had made my day!

Deenise Glitz Etsy

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