Foptics: Where to get the most affordable and trendy prescription spectacles?

foptics prescription glasses cheap spectacles Singapore

I woke up from my nap one day and found myself crushing my old pair of OWNDAYS glasses as I turned to lie flat on my back. Anyone would have gone ‘Oh snap!’ but as for me, I was rejoicing. I have always wanted to make a new pair of glasses but just could not find a good excuse to do so. Now that my old spectacle frame is broken, there’s every reason for me to visit an optical shop and get another swanky pair of glasses which could rock any outfit.

I love wearing glasses.

Glasses, by its nature, are not very flattering on me. But I love wearing them anyway, so much so that I would rather stay short-sighted than to regain perfect vision with lasik. If you’re part of the bespectacled gang, you will know what I mean. It’s super fun shopping for spectacle frames and it’s even more exciting when you can shop for prescription glasses at a steal. These days you can easily get a pair of trendy prescription glasses for less than $100 in Singapore.

‘m so glad to have found foptics which ranked as one of the top-rated optical shops in Singapore on Google. They are highly raved about for their super affordable quality prescription glasses. I was sold and I went online to purchase a pair of glasses from them for just $53.90 (after a 10% discount). I was lucky as they have an ongoing promotion when I was shopping online for one!

How to shop on foptics?

They have a physical shop in Chinatown where you can get a free eye check and select your desired spectacle frame and lens. It takes about 3 days for the glasses to be done and you can collect directly from their store.

However, if you prefer to do things online, you can shop for the spectacle frame on their online store and submit your eye prescription details to them. They also offer free delivery but it will take a little longer to receive your pair of glasses. I received mine 7 days after I placed my order online.

How does their offline store look like?

I actually had to make a trip down to their store at Chinatown because I did not know what is my pupillary distance. So I went down and got them to help me with the measurement. It was a Saturday and their shop was bustling with activity. Most of their staff are occupied, serving customers and helping them with the spectacle frame selection and eye check. It looks like foptics is rather popular among the younger crowd.

foptics prescription glasses cheap spectacles Singapore

Their store is pretty spacious and cosy. It’s just a stone throwaway from Chinatown MRT and they are open daily. Service is great. The only downside is probably their limited selection of spectacle frames. But their selection of spectacle frames are trendy, modern and up-to-date.

What are the prices like?

They have three types of frames – essential, premium and hybrids. The frames in their essential collection starts from $15.90 only. They are also very transparent with their pricing. The prices of each frame and lenses are stated clearly on their website.

Here’s a tip.

For me, I went with their essential spectacle frames, Nadya in Autumn as it is cheap and extremely stylish. The frame has integrated nose pads instead of the rubber nose pads that sticks out from the frame. I highly recommend that you get the ones with integrated nose pads so that you don’t have to keep changing the nose pads when it gets dirty. Based on my previous experience, mould and fungus can sometimes grown inside the nose pads. It’s hard to clean it out so when I send my glasses for cleaning, the optician would usually change out the nose pads.

However, I do have those red imprints on my nose at the frame itself is quite heavy. It could be the weight of my lens but I’ve chosen their recommended type of the lens based on my degrees. Thus, it can be quite uncomfortable. Given a choice, I would have chosen the frame with nose pads.

foptics prescription glasses cheap spectacles Singapore

As for the lenses, I got the basic lens which started from $20 for 1.56 index lens. As for myself, I got the 1.67 index lens, a much thinner lens since my degree was quite high. Together with the lens, my prescription glasses amounts to $59.90 but I got it at a slightly cheaper price after the discount. It’s way cheaper and value-for-money than OWNDAYS.

Here’s my honest verdict.

foptics prescription glasses cheap spectacles Singapore

As for its quality, the frame does look a little cheap but sturdy. The spectacle arm, for instance, seems to be coated with a layer of rose gold paint to make it seemed like it is made out of solid metal. But it did not quite bother me as long as the glasses fits me comfortably which it did.

After wearing for about three weeks, I must say that it isn’t the best spectacles I owned due to the red marks left on my nose. The spectacles have some weight and it weighs down on my nose bridge. I might have chosen a frame with nose pads if I have known this.

The red marks left on my nose bridge got really quite painful so I decided to just call foptics up to see if there’s any way to resolve this problem. They asked me to drop them a visit at their outlet (which I did, even though it was quite a hassle) then they added this donut-looking rubber spectacle loops. It fits right though the temple tips of the frame and it is supposed to act as cushion to alleviate the pressure exerted on the sides of my nose bridge.

Service Recovery

Thankfully, with the accessory, it helped alleviate the problem. However, the glasses tend to slide easily off my nose to the accessory. But I would rather experience that inconvenience that have deep red imprints on my nose bridge. At least, they also attempted to do a service recovery even though it did not fully resolve the problem.

Foptics donut-loop accessory

If you are just looking for a decent pair of affordable glasses for everyday wear, you can check out foptics. I would highly recommend that you try the spectacles in person at their outlet and get spectacles with the nose pads.

Do note that this is not a sponsored post and I paid for the spectacles on my own.

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