What to expect in McDonald’s BTS Meal in Singapore?

BTS meal
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BTS meal singapore
Source: McDonalds’ Facebook

You must be really excited about the BTS Meal, don’t you? However, the McDonald’s BTS meal will only be made available in Singapore from 21 June. With the BTS meal frenzy happening in Indonesia, I am expecting the same to happen right here in Singapore since we do have considerable number of BTS fans here. In addition, with the opening of Phase 3 (Heightened alert) 21 June where dining maybe allowed, I doubt if I can get my hands on the BTS meal. (*Update 16 June 2021: McDonald’s BTS meal in Singapore is only available on delivery.)

What does the BTS meal comprises of?

It comprises of 10 Chicken McNuggets, medium-sized fries, medium-sized Coca-Cola® and McDonald’s exclusive Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces. Instead of the regular red McDonald’s packaging, BTS meal packaging is in this beautiful purple pastel shade. What’s probably different from the usual is just the packaging and the new flavours of the dipping sauces. I guess those food items are their favourite at McDonalds’?


How much does a BTS meal costs?

The BTS meal costs around USD 6 to 7. Would you pay a premium price for this special edition meal? (I could imagine BTS fans saying a hundred times yes to this.)

I believe that it will costs around $7 plus in Singapore, which is slightly more expensive than the 6-piece chicken nugget meal. But here’s a way to earn back some money with the meal.

Why the BTS meal is so valuable?

Fans of this popular K-pop group are wiling to pay just to get their hands on the packaging. Fans in Malaysia actually wash and dry the McNugget box packaging so that they can have place it next to their BTS collectibles. Even the dipping sauce seals can be kept as keepsakes for these die-hard fans. Some even created earrings with the wrappers and sold them on Carousell. How creative!

What else from BTS?

Apparently, fans can also get their hands on BTS X McDonald’s merch like the hoodie, tote bag and bathrobe from Weverse Shop. I wonder why these three items though. Does one of the BTS member like to deck out in his bathrobe? Any thoughts?

Are you ready to get your hands on the BTS meal? Stay safe and vaccinated!

I am only looking forward to try the sweet chili and cajun dipping sauces.

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