Why facial extractions are so satisfying to watch?

Indulgence Beauty Singapore Facial Extraction

I’ve always wondered why some people enjoy watching facial extractions videos. Some found it relaxing to see the gunk and debris purging out of the pores while others found satisfaction in pimple popping. Even some facial therapists themselves would count extraction as part of the job satisfaction. It is after all their job to remove the whiteheads and blackheads out of the pores. It’s like popping bubble wraps or picking litter on the beach.

My Facial Extractions Video

Indulgence Beauty Singapore Facial Extraction

I went for monthly facials at Indulgence Beauty but I never once filmed myself unclose during the extraction process. And I’ve always wondered how do the blackheads in my pores look like and how does the therapist extracted all the gunk out of my pores.

So, during my last facial, I filmed a close-up video of the extraction process. It was a perfect opportunity for me to film this process because my skin was super clogged after the Phase 2 Heightened measures as the facial boutiques are closed. I was prepared to go through a really long and painful extraction process but thank goodness, it was bearable and it’s not too bad. And this is how it went!

Watch this facial ASMR video which I’ve created. It is rather therapeutic to be watching my skin getting extracted and cleansed. Instead of playing with the fidget toys, I guess adults can watch more of such videos. I should do more of such videos, shouldn’t I?

How the extraction is done?

Indulgence Beauty Singapore Facial Extraction

At Indulgence Beauty, to prep the skin for extraction, they would steam the face to open up the pores. During the extraction process, the therapist would use tissue paper and apply pressure on the skin to push out the blackheads. It’s a gentler way of extracting the blackheads. However, this extraction method should be done professionally by a therapist. You should not be popping your own pimples or pushing our blackheads unless you are trained.

If there are stubborn blackheads or whiteheads, she would use a needle to prick the pore open, creating a tiny opening for the whiteheads to emerge. This method can be a little painful as needles are involved. But it can be painless if the therapist is skilful and only pricks the surface of the skin. It also depends on how stubborn and deep the blackheads are.

I realised that the extraction can be really painful especially when your skin is dry and the therapist has to apply more pressure to push out the blackheads. That day, my skin was clogged but oily and thankfully, not much pressure was needed to push the blackheads out of my pores.

What happens after extraction?

Indulgence Beauty Singapore Facial Extraction

The skin would usually be red after extraction. But the redness dissipates with facial massages and mask. My skin would look a little bumpy after the extraction but it will clear up within a day or two after facial.

The healing process is further sped up the extraction process is followed up an oxygen fusion therapy or any other treatments that cools the skin.

As for me, I had oxygen blasted right into my skin. The cool oxygen mist helps to reduce the redness in my skin and improves blood circulation in my skin.

This step is followed by a relaxing facial massage and the use of Esthemax Hydrojelly mask. After masking for 20 minutes, my skin looks so clear. It felt nice to have smooth skin again.

Indulgence Beauty Singapore Facial Extraction

If you find extraction videos satisfying to watch, you’re not alone! It is actually comforting to see that my skin gets clearer and cleaner with every squeeze. It’s akin to watching those ear wax removal videos or ASMR videos.

We are weird, aren’t we?

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