Jurassic World RUN! Asia Pacific 2021: Run Virtually with the Dinosaurs

Jurassic World RUN! Asia Pacific 2021
Credit: Jurassic World RUN! Asia Pacific 2021

I am definitely going cold turkey without being about to go for mass exercising events like marathons. I used to enjoy going for marathons because it is just more fun and exciting to be running with hundreds or thousands of people. Thankfully, there are ongoing virtual run events like this upcoming Jurassic World Run! Asia Pacific 2021. Starting this month, you can register yourself in this first-ever Jurassic World virtual run. This immersive running experience is open to participants of all ages.

This virtual run is produced in conjunction with Universal Parks & Resorts and organised by CNeX.  Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines, Australia and New Zealand will be the first 5 countries to experience the thrills of Jurassic World RUN! Asia Pacific 2021.

What to expect in Jurassic World run?

You will be on an adventure to escape Isla Nubar. It’s a site in Jurassic Park (as featured in the movie) where living biological dinosaurs, cloned from prehistoric DNA, resides. Through the Move by LIV3LY app, you will have a unique immersive experience enhanced with augmented reality images. Be prepared to encounter the most feared Jurassic World dinosaurs as you run to unlock successive milestones of assistance. The best part is that you are able to run anywhere and anytime at your own convenience.

You can use the app to clock-in their running distances and timings. You may also use wearables or preferred running trackers and sync it with the LIV3LY app via Apple Health or Google Fit.

What are the running categories available?

There are three categories to choose from : 5KM, 10KM and 21KM. You may join individually or in teams of 2 for the run. Prices for the run starts from SGD 35.

Distance: 5KM ( Individual = $35)

Distance: 10KM (Individual = $49, Parent and child = $77)

Distance: 21KM (Individual = $56, Team of 2 = $84)

What are the finisher entitlements?

Finishers for all categories will receive an exclusive finisher T-shirt to celebrate their escape from Isla Nublar. Also, all finishers of 10km and 21km will receive a finisher medal each to celebrate their bravery and commemorate their adventures with Jurassic World RUN! Asia Pacific 2021!

How to register?

Registration is open from 5th July 2021 to 29thSeptember 2021. You can register via the official website jurassicworldrun.com or the MOVE by LIV3LY app.

Any brave contenders out there who are ready to face the larger-than-life dinosaurs? Now, get yourself a good pair of running shoes from your favourite sports brands like JD sports, NIKE or Adidas while there’s a sale!

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