Why I started Strictly Floral, a lifestyle store in 2021?

Fulfilling a childhood dream with Strictly Floral

I’ve always wanted to start a business venture ever since I was a kid. I remembered emblazoning pouches with my favourite word ‘Glitz’ with shimmering silver threads, then gifted them to my two Primary school pals. I remembered sharing with them about my dreams of starting a fashion line called Glitz. Many years later, they are still my favourite pals and even though I did not start a fashion brand called Glitz but I have build my own social media presence using the name ‘Deenise Glitz’.

Starting a business on my own has always been at the back of my mind as I went about carving a career which I thought that would bring me both financial stability and career satisfaction forever. I soon learn that pursuing your passion is worth fighting for in this day and age where people can live out their own dreams and literally turn millionnaires in weeks or months. What seems impossible in the past is now possible. We are living in exciting times and despite this pandemic, nothing is stopping people from pursuing what they love.

Venturing into Home Decor

After quitting my job, I finally had the courage and motivation to venture into entrepreneurship. To be really honest, I do not exactly know what business I may be interested in and whether it will succeed or not. But I do know that I may have to go through several trial and errors to get things right. But as of now, I know that I am passionate in decorating and organising my personal space. Ever since I moved into this 2-room flat, I enjoyed organising and sprucing up my personal space and surroundings. Thus, I figured that I could start an online store selling home decor and other lifestyle products.

The Story of Strictly Floral

This term was coined when my friend mistook me for saying, ‘strictly floral’ when I wrote, ‘strictly formal’ on my wedding invitation card, if I remembered wrongly. Ever since then, those two words just stuck in my head and I simply love the sound of the words. I love flowers so…

I started this e-commerce store a couple of weeks ago and I just knew I had to name it, ‘Strictly Floral‘ even though it isn’t exactly all girly and pink.

Strictly Floral will be my first business venture. It shall be a one-stop platform where you can get useful lifestyle products that are stylish and functional. I also hope to bring in more eco-friendly and sustainable products which both functional yet aesthetic. More importantly, I hope to bring in only quality products and a smooth online shopping experience to my customers. If this business is successful, I hope to design my very own home products so that I can proudly print my brand name on them.

Moving on

Eventually I hope to launch my line of handicrafts or handmade goods which could be eventually added to my lifestyle catalog. To prep myself, I’ve gotten stickers printed using SingaPrinting. And I could not wait to use these matte paper stickers on my packaging! If you are considering printing your own sticker labels, you can consider SingaPrinting. Printing and delivery of the stickers are super fast.

I hope I can share my business journey with you in my future blog posts and videos on my YouTube Channel. Thank you for all your support and stay safe, everyone!

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