Indulgence Beauty Review Tanjong Pagar Facial

During my recent facial visit to Indulgence Beauty, my therapist quipped ‘Your skin is getting better. Is it because now you’re no longer stress?’. She’s so damn right.

I did not realise until she said that. But true enough, I feel that my skin is not as clogged as before. Due to the Phase 2 Heightened Alert measures, I did not go for my regular facials for a few months. Yet, the condition of my skin has not worsened and was no longer dry.

After I left my job, I was simply doing simple odd jobs and engage myself in activities that I enjoy. There were days where I feel down and hopeless but generally speaking, I wasn’t under any form of stress or anxiety. You could say that I am enjoying what I am doing right now. And what a big difference that makes to my skin!

How does stress affect my skin?

Just before I left my job, I was under a lot of work pressure. I can’t deny the fact that dealing with students, teachers and parents can be tough. As my stress levels incrementally got higher each day, I felt that my skin became drier and more sensitive. When the skin has not enough moisture, it will start releasing more sebum and oils to moisturise the skin and this in turn traps more dirt and causes the skin to clog more easily.

Stress also releases hormones like cortisol and adrenaline into the body. These two hormones also stimulate the oil glands in our skin to produce more oil. When my skin is super clogged, the therapists had to spend more time doing extraction for me during facial.

Now that my skin is less clogges, the extraction time is shorter and I get to do other types of facial treatment. Last week, I went for the LHE Radiancy Facial treatment.

LHE Radiancy Facial Treatment

Indulgence Beauty Review Tanjong Pagar Facial

I personally have done this facial treatment before but to be real honest, I did not quite enjoy it. The bright flashes of light and heat radiating from the device isn’t exactly pleasant. It’s not painful at all but just not pleasant to have intense light flashes zapping across your skin. I jumped a little everytime the machine blast a shot of light on my skin, especially close to my eyes. However, the results are amazing.

During the session, my skin felt instantly tighter and lifted. And after the facial, my skin was glowing and looking more radiant than ever before. Thankfully, my therapist, Rachel is an experienced one and she did all the best she could to more the facial experience more enjoyable. After each shot of light, she would use her fingers to pat on my skin to soothe it and dissipate the heat.

Aright after the LHE treatment, she gave me a really good facial and shoulder massage. The treatment ends off with Esthemax Hydrojelly masks.

There’s no end to my skin journey.

Indulgence Beauty Review Tanjong Pagar Facial Skin

My skin is constantly going through alot of changes. With age and the changes in our environment, I felt that my skin has lost its elasticity over the years. But I am just glad to know that I do not have to deal with so much stress now. It’s difficult to control our stress levels and when we can find peace and balance from within, our youth will be renewed like the eagles.

So with the LHE radiancy treatment, the LHE from the machine actually helps stimulate collagen production and keeps my skin firm and plump. I was truely satisfied with the effects of the LHE Radiancy facial treatment and I am looking forward to my next facial visit!

There’s no end to my skin journey but I am excited to see my skin improves as I lead a stress-free life.

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