Ayam Brand launches affordable Plant-based canned food like Luncheon

Ayam Brand Plant-based luncheon
Credits: Ayam Brand

It does seem like Singaporeans are shifting towards healthy eating habits (46%). And if you are concerned about climate change and your personal health, going meatless is a great option. Thankfully, there are now more of such options made available at our local supermarket shelves.

A recent survey by YouGov revealed that two in five Singaporeans are currently on a flexitarian diet – a way of eating that encourages plant-based foods while keeping meat and animal products in moderation. And that’s me. Being on a flexitarian diet allows me to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Ayam Brand, a household canned food brand, has launched a new line of healthy plant-based food products called yumeat™. Transiting to a more sustainable diet has never been easier with the availability of such plant-based foods.

About yumeat™

yumeat™ is developed in Singapore and it is specially formulated for the local palate. You can enjoy a sense of comfort, pleasure, and nostalgia with every bite of their plant-based luncheon or plant-based minced meat with bean paste. They can be prepared with popular dishes, like hot porridge. And you can definitely make luncheon fries out of it. You can now enjoy meatless and naturally cholesterol-free hearty treats with these plant-based foods.

It’s ready-to-eat.

Ayam Brand Plant-based luncheon
Credits: Ayam Brand

yumeat™ are made available in cans and pouches. They are ready-to-use and no thawing is required. This is unlike most plant-based products available on the market which are usually kept frozen and thus longer preparation time is required. They can easily be sautéed, grilled, fried, steamed or stewed.

You can easily topped these plant-based meat over rice and noodles with some greens at the side for a well-balanced meal.

The ingredients.

The plant-based meat comprises mostly of soy and wheat. To enhance the flavour and texture of the food, spices like pepper, chilli, onion, garlic and salt are added. You can check out the ingredient list of the Plant-based Minced meat with bean paste and Plant-based Luncheon on their website.

Its pricing.

Credits: Ayam Brand

Each plant-based luncheon (190g) is currently priced at SGD$ 2.95 and the plant-based minced meat with bean paste (195g) is priced at $2.95. It’s an affordable meatless option for all to enjoy. it contains seven times more fibre, 23% less sodium, and 53% less fat compared to the average meat alternative.

It is Halal-certified and free from cholesterol, MSG, GMO, antibiotics, sodium nitrite and other preservatives.

It’s made with sustainable energy.

yumeat™ is made from sustainable ingredients, like soy and wheat, in a factory that uses renewable solar energy and electronic sensors to eliminate energy waste.  To reduce waste, the carton box packaging is made of 92% of recycled material too.

yumeat™ is the visible representation of years of efforts by Ayam Brand to be a socially conscious company and a steward of nature, measured through Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria. The company was awarded Top Green Company in Asia at the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Award 2019 (ACES) and garnered a Merit Award by the Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA).

Where to find yumeat™?

yumeat™ products are available in more than 30 FairPrice Finest and Xtra supermarkets. For more information on yumeat™, do visit www.yumeat.com.

yumeat™ will be releasing more plant-based food products in the coming months so stay tuned! Incorporating small yet relevant and healthier changes into your diet can help save the planet and improve the overall quality and longevity of life. Don’t belittle your small actions and decisions which can impact the world!

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