Fill your pantry with these Healthy and Sustainable Snacks from Re- Foods

Re- foods sustainable fairtrade healthy snacks Singapore

You can make the world a better place with every positive decision you make. Supporting sustainable green businesses is one of the ways to help lower our carbon footprints and make this world a better place for all. In recent years, we have seen a rise of such businesses here in Singapore that champion the environment and people over profits. One of such businesses is Re-.

Who is Re- Foods?

Re- Foods is a purpose-driven food and beverage start-up in Singapore that offers ethically sourced coffee, nuts, cookies and muesli. Their healthy plant-based snacks are made from all-natural, minimally processed ingredients. Their parent company and ingredients supplier is Olam, a major agri-food business that works to spread environmentally and socially conscious farming practices.

They empower their farmer communities and create a sustainable food system to bring us their delicious snacks that are better for the planet. To allow consumers like you and I to make better decisions each day, they have decided to share how each ingredient is ethically sourced through their impact stories.

For instance, Cashew farmers in Vietnam used to receive lower prices which are below the market rate for their produce. To empower these farmers, this company set up a co-operative that pay above-average prices to more than 3,400 farmers. And when you make a conscious decision to support such brands that supports fair trade, you are indirectly improve the lives of these farmers. Your purchasing action counts.

What do Re- Foods offer?

Currently, Re- Foods offer muesli, coffee, nuts and cookies. They sell quality gourmet cashews and almonds which are 100% natural. These are high-quality nuts that are larger than regular-sized nuts. They are great tasting nuts with a nice crunch.


Re- foods sustainable fairtrade healthy snacks Singapore eco-friendly nuts cashews almonds

My personal favourite is their skin-on natural salted cashews which are so crunchy, fresh and wholesome. They are lightly salted with rock salt.

Credits: Re- Foods

The cashew skin is retained so that you can taste the robust aromatic flavour of the kernel. They use a premium type of cashew called ‘Kings of cashew’. They are highly prized for their jumbo size and unblemished appearance.

Re- foods sustainable fairtrade healthy snacks Singapore eco-friendly nuts

The almonds are exceptionally crunchy and creamy too. If you love snacking on nuts, you have to try their nuts.

Re- foods sustainable fairtrade healthy snacks Singapore eco-friendly cashew nuts

At Re- Foods, they believe in ‘rejuvenating’ the world so they are working towards their 100% plastic-free packaging goal. Their packaging are mostly plastic-free. That explains why they do not provide a plastic lid over the canned nuts.

Smooth Cashew Nut butter

They also offer smooth cashew nut butter which consists of cashew nuts only. It has no added preservations, flavourings, sugar or colours. This pure cashew nut butter spreads nicely on toast or crackers. Because the cashews used are so fresh and creamy, the cashew nut butter itself has a slight sweetness to it. It will be a great topping for your smoothie or acai bowls. This nut butter can also be whipped into vegan cheesecakes and pesto sauce.

Re- foods sustainable fairtrade healthy snacks Singapore eco-friendly cashew nut butter

To kickstart your day, prepare a simple healthy breakfast for yourself by spreading a spoonful of Re- Foods cashew nut butter on a slice of toast. Nothing’s too complicated.

Re- Foods Instant Coffee

The instant coffee is a full-bodied blend of Brazilian Arabica Coffee (20%) and VIetnamese Robusta Coffee (80%). There is no added sugar or preservatives. You can make dalgona coffee with this instant coffee too.

The coffee granules are stored in reusable glass jars to help reduce plastic waste. You easily clean out the jars and reuse them to store spices or sauces.

Re- foods sustainable fairtrade healthy snacks Singapore eco-friendly coffee

Behind each Re- Foods product is a positive story that impact communities. This instant coffee is produced in a Vietnam coffee factory that adopts water-saving measures. You can watch the video below to find out more.

Should we re-think the way we shop? Shop smart and consciously to make a positive impact in this world.

Where to buy?

Re- Foods products are available at Cedele @ Great World City, Cedele @ Jelita, Cedele @ The Herencia, Little Farms, Percolate, Mr. Farmer and Taste @ Holland Village walk-in stores. You can also purchase via online stores like Redmart, Taste Singapore and Percolate. For more information, check out their website right here.

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