Uni Gallery offers affordable Japanese Uni Set Lunch from $19.90++ only

Uni Gallery Sea Urchin roe set lunch promotion

Uni Gallery is a hidden enclave for uni (or sea urchin’s roe) lovers. It is tucked at the basement level of The Plaza, a mall just right behind Parkroyal on Beach Road. This restaurant also sells the freshest variety of uni scoured and air-flown from all over the world. Their menu features a lavish selection of uni as well as other seafood.

We went there for lunch on a weekend and it was a quiet afternoon at the restaurant. Most of the shops in the mall were closed on weekends and there is hardly anyone at The Plaza. You probably wouldn’t even know that there is this Japanese restaurant in Singapore that specializes in Uni dishes. Their food quality and standard are both remarkable as well.

They have recently just launched a special set lunch promotion featuring uni as one of the main ingredients. There are three different lunch sets to choose from and we were fortunate to be able to try all three of them.

The Uni Gallery Set Lunch Special

Uni Gallery Sea Urchin roe set lunch promotion

Each set lunch comes with Ikura Chawanmushi, a drink, a bowl of salad and a bowl of miso soup. I would say that the portions are just about right given that there are all these sides and it’s value-for-money given that uni is a delicacy in Japan. A box of Uni weighing 50 grams can costs up to SGD $50, depending on its grade.

Hopefully, with this promotion, more people are able to try out this seafood delicacy. I personally have not tried uni prior to this lunch experience. Now, I have a better appreciation for this fine ingredient in Japanese cuisine.

The lunch sets are available daily from 11.30 am to 2.45 pm.

Uni Chirashi Don ($29.90)

Uni Gallery Sea Urchin roe set lunch promotion Chirashi Don

Who doesn’t enjoy a hearty bowl of Chirashin Don? This main course features creamy Uni paired with fresh sashimi cubes and Ikura, seated atop a bed of vinegared rice. It’s my favourite among all the other lunch sets. The portion might seem a little smaller than the other lunch sets but trust me, it is rather filling.

Uni Soba ($22.90)

Uni Gallery Sea Urchin roe set lunch promotion Soba

This new creation looks aesthetically pleasing with the dainty edible flowers and truffles. It features flavourful Uni paired with luxurious tobiko (flying fish roe) and thinly sliced truffles atop refreshing soba noodles. This is the most value for money lunch set that features two expensive ingredients – Uni and truffles.

For me, it can be rather overwhelming with the decadent creamy Uni along with the robust truffle flavour. But if you enjoy two delicacies, you will truly enjoy this dish.

Uni Tempura Don ($19.90)

Uni Gallery Sea Urchin roe set lunch promotion tempura

This dish may just look like another regular tempura don but there’s more to that. The Japanese rice is layered with flavourful Bafun Uni tempura, prawn tempura and eggplant tempura. The delicate Uni is wrapped with seaweed and coated with a light batter before frying. What makes the tempura really delicious is the use of fresh ingredients. The prawn tempura is lovely and to be honest, I can be easily satisfied with just the prawn tempura with that golden crispy batter layer. I am sold.

Uni Gallery Sea Urchin roe set lunch promotion ikura Chawanmushi

Another impressive part of the set lunch is their Ikura Chawanmushi. They actually serve a generous amount of Ikura which complements so well with the steamed savoury egg custard. That truly elevates my whole lunch experience at Uni Gallery.

All the dishes were nicely presented to us. It’s like having a fine Japanese meal in a casual dining setting. The seating area in the restaurant is rather small but very clean and cosy. Uni Gallery is a true hidden gem and it should be added to your food hunt lists if you are into Japanese cuisine.


Uni Gallery

7500A Beach Road

B1-310 The Plaza (Behind Parkroyal on Beach Road)

Singapore 199591

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