REVIVE: Handcrafted Healthy Snacks to power you through the day

REVIVE Singapore Healthy Snacks Granola Nut Butter Overnight Oats
Credit: REVIVE

Do you find yourself snacking a lot while working from home these days? Snacking can provide us with energy in the middle of the day and help decrease hunger or cravings so that we avoid overeating during meal times. But it can also do the reverse depending on what you are snacking on. So you got to choose your snacks wisely. Potato chips or yoghurt parfait?

Healthy Snacking with REVIVE

There are plenty of healthy snack options available in supermarkets and online retail stores. You can even whip up a healthy dish for yourself whenever you are feeling peckish. For a start, you can stock up your pantry with healthy staples like fruits, wheat crackers, oats, granola and nut butter so that they are made readily available to you.

If you’re looking for some healthy clean snacks, you can check out this local enterprise called REVIVE. They offer delicious handcrafted granolas, nut butter and overnight oats which are all locally produced. They are made with only clean and simple ingredients – without any refined sugar or artificial preservatives. All of their products are 100% natural and vegan-friendly.

I’ve personally tried their products and now I am a fan of their granolas. And to me, their overnight oats is a game-changer.

REVIVE Granolas

REVIVE Singapore Healthy Snacks Granola Nut Butter Overnight Oats
Credit: REVIVE

Currently, they have 5 different granola variants. Their granolas are unlike anything which I’ve tried. They come in large chunks which resembles more like a granola bar. You might have to crush the granola in the pack if you prefer your granola to be in a loose form.

Unlike the typical granolas out there, REVIVE’s granola also doesn’t come with any added dried fruits. Instead, they added nuts, puff brown rice, cacao nibs or coconut to boost the flavour and texture of their granola. Their granolas are also handmade in small batches, using quality natural ingredients.

REVIVE Singapore Healthy Snacks Granola Nut Butter Overnight Oats
REVIVE Earl Grey Granola

Their two popular classic granola flavour are Earl Grey and Honey. I personally enjoyed their Earl Grey granola which has macadamia nuts and puffed brown rice added to it. It is a crowd favourite based on the online reviews. That slight hint of Earl Grey in their granolas is distinct. It makes the perfect granola for breakfast and a great gift for any Earl Grey tea lover.

REVIVE Overnight Oats

REVIVE Overnight Oats
Credit: REVIVE

These pre-packed overnight oats made it so convenient for anyone who just wants to enjoy a wholesome oatmeal porridge for breakfast. It comes in convenient serving packs where you can easily empty into a bowl or cup. Then you just simply have to add any milk of your choice into it. You don’t have to think about what ingredients to add or would go well with the oats. You don’t have to add any water to it unless you want to dilute your bowl of oatmeal.

There are 4 variants for their overnight oats. There’s Chocolate Banana, Pina Colada, Tropical Mango and Peach & Cinnamon. I personally enjoyed the Chocolate Banana. They added a plant-based protein, organic soybeans as well as a natural sweetener called Lakanto (or Luo Han Guo).

REVIVE Singapore Healthy Snacks Overnight Oats

If you want to turn your overnight oats into something fancier, you can top it up with some granola, nuts or fresh fruits. You create the Bounty Overnight oats, which is the latest breakfast obsession on TikTok, where you can layer your overnight oats with some dark chocolate before chilling it. Once hardened, the chocolate layer creates a covering that keeps the overnight oats moist. It is also fun to crack the chocolate shell with your spoon to unveil the creamy goodness.

With these convenient oats packs, you can literally bring them anywhere with you – even while travelling.

REVIVE Nut Butter

REVIVE Singapore Healthy Snacks Nut Butter
Credit: REVIVE

I’ve tried several brands of nut butter before and REVIVE nut butter are by far has the best consistency. I like nut butter which is a little runnier so that it can be easily spread over bread and crackers. It is also much easier to scoop out from the jar and add into your batter to make vegan cheesecakes or other healthy treats. Other nut butter brands seem to have a drier and stiffer texture but not for REVIVE nut butter which has a similar consistency to a sauce dip. It has that perfect nut to oil ratio which gives it that smooth consistency and texture.

There are 4 types of nut butter to choose from. They have classic peanut butter, cashew butter, almond butter and ABC butter.

REVIVE nut butter does not contain any added sugar, salt, hydrogenated oils or palm oil. If you examine the ingredients label, each jar of nut butter only contains nuts and nothing else – not even salt or sugar.

Their nut butter makes great toppings for acai and smoothie bowls. Adding some healthy fats to your diet can help lower your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Healthy Snacking made easy

Credit: REVIVE

With plenty of healthy snacks made available in the market these days, it is so much easier for us to snack healthily. Once you start eating well, you will start craving clean simple foods like REVIVE granolas and nut butter.

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