Customised Facial at Indulgence Beauty

Indulgence Beauty Customised facial Extraction

Previously, I did the Light Facial Therapy treatment at Indulgence Beauty and I was pretty pleased with the results. My skin became less clogged and is smoother in texture. This time, I head back for my usual facial visit and highlighted to them one of my major skin woes – hyperpigmentation.

Singapore has been really sunny these days and I noticed that my house got gradually warmer with the sunlight streaming in through the windows. I was told that even though I was not directly under the sun, the UV rays and even light emitted from the computer screen and lightbulbs can affect the skin. I am not too sure about the science of light for that matter but I do notice that my skin is getting duller these days and the pigments on my skin were certainly more visible.

As I shared my skin woes with the facial therapist from Indulgence Beauty, she mentioned that dehydrated skin can make skin look really dull. So she recommended that I get my skin deeply cleansed and hydrated to build up the skin defence.

Best Extraction Facial

I have probably done like over a hundred facials and various beauty salons and I must say that Indulgence Beauty has really lived up to its title and reputation of offering one of the best extraction facials in Singapore. Their extraction technique is not too harsh on the skin and it’s not as painful too (but it depends on how clogged on your skin is that day.) They are thorough but not excessive when it comes to extraction. Right after extraction, my skin would be red but subside quickly after masking. And the next day, my skin would feel smooth to touch again.

Likewise, for this particular customised facial, my therapist carried out the extraction step right after cleansing and steaming of the face. She is very gentle with my skin and careful not to tug the skin too much during extraction.

Indulgence Beauty Customised facial Extraction

Skin hydration step using an ultrasonic device

For this particular step, she applies a layer of hydrating gel all over my skin and sprayed a cool-mist over. This step helps to soothe and calm my skin while keeping it hydrated.

Indulgence Beauty Customised facial Extraction

It’s like having a hydrating mask over my skin which helps replenish the moisture in my skin. Very calming, I must say. I’ve done such hydrating facials over at Indulgence Beauty quite a number of times and had always enjoyed the cool-mist sessions.

Indulgence Beauty Customised facial Extraction

Next, my therapist used an ultrasonic device which helps to increase the penetration of the hydrating gel into my skin. This further help to boost the hydration levels in my skin. It’s a painless and therapeutic process that is much needed for my skin. I couldn’t help but take a quick nap as she treats my skin with the device.

Indulgence Beauty Customised facial Extraction

Hydrojelly Mask

This mask not only feels good on the skin but it smells amazing too. Out of all the Esthemax hydrojelly masks, I’ve tried, I really enjoyed the Egyptian Rose mask because I love the fresh floral scent the mask emits. It gives the facial a more spa-like experience with its therapeutic scent. The rose mask not only moisturises the skin but also helps to brighten up the skin tone.

Indulgence Beauty Customised facial Extraction

I don’t think I can do away with facials because to me, it’s like a me-time session where I really get to spend some time on myself, relax and breathe. As always, I enjoyed my facial sessions at Indulgence Beauty and can’t wait to head back for another session next year, before Chinese New Year kicks in.


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