TikTok Singapore Creators Night #Learningisfun at TikTok Office

Tiktok Singapore
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I couldn’t believe that I finally managed to visit the TikTok Singapore office and meet other creators on the platform. I guess it’s also a long-awaited gathering that TikTok Singapore hopes to plan for creators to meet together. Thankfully, the event was well organised so that there were opportunities for creators to gather. Since there were so many of us (probably like 50 over), it was impossible to get to know everyone in one night. And yes, as an introvert, I did feel awkward mingling around and talking to people to break the ice. But thank goodness, I happen to know a couple of creators personally who were also there during the event.

Reflecting back on my TikTok Journey

I started probably sometime in late 2020 when I was just experimenting with the app itself, posting random videos on the app and watching a bunch of other random videos (mostly videos of other people dancing) on TikTok. Things start to change when I posted videos on food and places which I explored in Singapore. People were enticed by the things I can do in Singapore, especially during the Pandemic when everyone is cooped up at home and could not travel out of the country. That’s when things suddenly clicked. Why not create more of such content to inform others about the cafes, restaurants, parks or even interesting places they can check out in Singapore?

From there, I just kept generating such content consistently and make an effort to engage with my audience by interacting with them and replying to their comments. Reading their comments and understanding what they want has also helped in generating useful content that benefits people. And that’s how it all began and two years later, here I am creating more content and collaborating with TikTok Singapore and brands to reach out to a wider audience.

No doubt, there are definitely challenges along the way but it really helps when you meet other creators and just talk it out (which we do during events!). Nevertheless, it’s the same challenges I encountered over and over again since 2010 when I published my first blog post.


Tiktok Singapore

There’s no better way to celebrate TikTok’s growth than to come together as one to celebrate their recent social media campaign, #Learningisfun. You can’t deny the fact that learning was so rich during the pandemic. It’s a period of time when everyone is learning more about the world and themselves. Learning never stops and as creators, we are constantly learning more about people and how the world transforms.

During the event, they got some creators to share about their journey. They also shared about the new TikTok marketplace. After the sharing, we proceeded to enjoy our buffet dinner and took the time to get to know other creators.

Celebrating TikTok Singapore’s anniversary

Tiktok Singapore

There was also a photo booth and a bubble tea station that whips out drinks to creators. Overall, it was quite an enjoyable event because they invited creators from all walks of life. There were doctors, investors, students, insurance agents and others working in various industries.

It was also an anniversary celebration for TikTok Singapore for making this far. I mean, the growth of this social media platform has been immense. Kudos to their growing team! Their team has been reaching out to many creators like myself to help us grow and generate content on the platform. Their support and help rendered as been immensely useful for us. It’s truly a platform that welcomes everyone to be on the platform. Whether you are just a budding creator starting out or someone who is already recognised in the scene, they are willing to reach out to help passionate creators to grow.

If you have not watched my TikTok videos, you can check it out right here! And if you would like to find out how I monetize my platforms as being a creator, you can read all about it here.

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