Trying the Best Durian – Tiger Black Gold Durians from Durian SG Prime for the 1st time

Durian SG Prime online durian delivery

Durian season may be over but you still can get fresh durians delivered to your doorstep or enjoy them fresh out of the durian shells at this durian shop called Durian SG Prime. It’s located along Geylang Road and we made a trip down to try some of their durians.

Durian SG Prime

At Durian SG Prime, they source their durians directly from durian plantations in Malaysia and sell them directly to their customers.

Durian SG Prime online durian delivery

For me, it is definitely better to eat the durian fresh out of the shells but the durians from their stall are huge and we could not finish them all so we had to take away the extras.

Durian SG Prime online durian delivery

Tiger Black Gold Durians

We tried their signature Tiger Black Gold durians which is one of the best and most sought-after durian varieties from the famous Tiger Mountain origin located in Sugei Klau, Pahang. Its flesh is ultra creamy and sweet. It has this slight liquor aftertaste as well. As for the flavour, it is really intense.

The other durian we tried was their Tiger Old tree Mao Shan Wang durian. This is another premium durian which is the most popular durian variety in Malaysia. It has a higher meat yield ratio and the seed is very small.

durians Singapore online delivery tiger mountain

If you prefer to have the durians delivered to your house, you can shop online via their website. All the durians are delivered fresh and packed on the hour. Should you find that your durians did not meet up to their quality expectations, you can request a free-of-charge, one-for-one exchange on any of their durians.

And if you are visiting Singapore for the first time, don’t forget to give this king of fruits a try. You must not leave this country without trying this fruit!

Durian SG Prime

Address: 24A 456 Geylang Road Singapore 389415

Opening hours: Opens daily from 11 am to 12pm

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