Vibe Hotel Singapore Review 2022

Recently, I was invited to a 2 day 1 night stay at Vibe Hotel in Singapore. So we decided that we will just have a mini staycation over one of the weekends even though staycation is no longer quite the thing ever since Singapore has open its borders and people are travelling out of this city.

This is probably the newest hotel in Singapore as of 2022 and it is nestled pretty close to Far East Plaza. It is actually where The Elizabeth hotel used to be situated, next to The Quincy Hotel. But they have refurbished the interiors and revamp all the rooms. The common areas like swimming pools and lifts still looked pretty much the same though.

A quick Google research reveals that Vibe Hotel is under TFE hotel group which originates from Australia. That explains why the Aussie vibes here in this hotel is pretty prominent. They are big on being planet-friendly and so is the hotel too. They do not give out plastic water bottles to reduce plastic waste.

So apparently, TFE hotel group is a joint venture of Australia’s TOGA Hotels and Singapore’s Far East Orchard Limited. That explains why this hotel is also part of the Far East Group of hotels.

Vibe Hotel Singapore Review 2022

The moment you enter the hotel lobby, you will be greeted by this huge ‘V’ sign which is probably the logo or signature sign for Vibe hotels.

The Check-in process

Both the check-in and check-out process over the counter was smooth and quick. There’s no queue. The check-in time is 2pm and the check-out time is 12pm the next day. It’s a pretty standard timing for most of the hotels here in Singapore.

Vibe Hotel Singapore Review 2022

ROOS restaurant

There’s an all-day dining restaurant called ROOS at the hotel itself. This is also where the hotel breakfast is served. The hotel breakfast at ROOS was a la carte and the food served there was generally quite good. There are both continent and local breakfast sets to choose from. Each set comes with some bread, butter and a choice of drink.

We also had lunch at this restaurant and they have a quite an extensive selection of food ranging from western, light bites, salads to Asian and local dishes. Also, the view of the cascading waterfall is pretty stunning in the backdrop of the restaurant.

Vibe Hotel Singapore Review 2022 ROOS

The Rooms

We were given the superior rooms which is the basic hotel rooms available at the hotel. There were only two types of rooms – superior or premier rooms.

Vibe Hotel Singapore Review 2022

We received a welcome gift pack from the hotel. It’s always nice to receive a little surprise in your hotel room. The room looks fresh, modern and very clean.

Vibe Hotel Singapore Review 2022

There were USB ports which made charging of phones so much easier.

Vibe Hotel Singapore Review 2022

The only qualm we had is the bathroom which comes with a bathtub but the water heating system is kind of old. Thus the bath water heats up really slowly.

We also headed to the swimming pool for a swim as well as the vibe pantry where we can get drinks and snacks 24/7. The swimming pool itself was pretty basic. It’s 1.5 to 1.75 metres deep. As for the pantry, it was cool that we can grab snacks whenever we wanted but the snacks kind of get wiped out in the evening. So if you have access to the pantry, be sure to get what you need before heading up to your rooms.

Overall, the stay was overall pleasant. Out of five stars, I will give it 4 stars. Service is satisfactory and accomodation was comfortable. But in comparison to other Far East Organization hotels, Vibe hotel is pretty much quite ordinary.

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