True Cost Singapore: A Modern European Restaurant located within the Sky Garden of Suntec City

True Cost Singapore Restaurant Food Review Suntec City

You may have come across this restaurant called True Cost on TikTok last year when it first opened. I was present there during their media event and the food they served no doubt was good. However, their Google ratings took a plunge as their service was compromised due to the influx of bookings and reservations. Coupled with manpower shortage issues, they were unable to fully offer what they’ve got. A year later, things are so much better now because ratings are backed up. I guess they have figured out how to manage their operations well and made improvements.

I was back at True Cost a couple of days back and I was still impressed with the quality of the food. Not all the dishes are outstanding but they are relatively delicious and look presentable. Service was on par with several established restaurants and I am just glad to be back again. It will definitely be one of those restaurants on my restaurants-to-revisit list.

What’s so unique about True Cost?

Unlike other restaurants, True Cost charges a cover charge for every person who dines at their restaurant. the cover charge ranges from $5 to $10 depending on the hours of the day. Once paid, you will have access to their menu which is priced at its ‘true cost’ or actual costs without the steep price marks ups where some restaurants here in Singapore do.

Cover charge

Are there ways to avoid the cover charge? Yes, you can either dine there during off-peak hours to avoid the cover charges. There is no entrance fee when you dine on weekdays between 3 to 5 p.m. And if you sign up for their free membership, you will be given one free pass to enter their restaurant.

To distinguish guests who have already paid the cover charge, they will tag your wrist with a colored band. They also have a table turnover time of 2 hours. And based on what I observed, the restaurant can get quite packed during meal times so it is best to make reservations especially if you want the window seats where you have a better view of the city.

You can access their full menu here and if you do the math, it isn’t exactly very affordable to dine here but I must say that the prices are reasonable and comparable to most cafe prices.

Romantic date night spot

True Cost is fortunate to have snatched up such a perfect spot because it is located right at Suntec City which is highly accessible to many since it is also near the MRT stations. Also, the restaurant is housed within this glasshouse which has floor-to-ceiling windows. The high ceiling makes the restaurant look really spacious and inviting. I could imagine proposals and weddings to be held here because the restaurant looks really stunning and romantic in the evenings.

Let’s start with the drinks

We had mocktails and they were acceptable. We had their Tokyo Lemonade and Tarragon Passionfruit. Both aren’t as well-crafted as I expect them to be which is probably something they can work on.

True Cost Singapore Restaurant Food Review Suntec City
Tokyo Lemonade ($4.95)(left) and Tarragon Passionfruit ($5.95)(right)

For appetizers

Their menu features mainly European-inspired and Mediterranean dishes like this hummus with pita bread. It was delicious and I just wish that they served a couple more pitas to go with the creamy hummus dip.

True Cost Singapore Restaurant Food Review Suntec City
Hummus ($8.50)

You mustn’t skip the raw bar selections on their menu because they are well-known for their ceviche, marinated seafood in citrusy seasonings. They seem to be really good at picking fresh seafood to pair with the right seasonings. I had their Hokkaido scallop ceviche this time round and I must say that they nailed it. It really whets your appetite.

True Cost Singapore Restaurant Food Review Suntec City
Hokkaido Scallops Ceviche ($13.50)

For mains, their staff recommended us to try their crab linguini but in my honest opinion, the pasta is not cooked to al dente. It was slightly undercooked but the crab pasta sauce was packed with umaminess. We also ordered their grilled barramundi ($23.90) which was cooked to perfection. I give it a 10/10 for the amazing fish that pairs so well with the asparagus and acqua pazza sauce.

True Cost Singapore Restaurant Food Review Suntec City
Crab linguini ($21.50)

For desserts, we tried this yuzu-lime bomb which is basically a citrusy mousse paired with a biscuit based on some fruits. It’s light and refreshing. And that’s all to it. If I would have known this, I might have went with their matcha lava cake instead.

True Cost Singapore Restaurant Food Review Suntec City
Yuzu-lime Bomb ($11.50)

My Verdict

In general, the food was well-prepared and tasty in general. I love the vibe and atmosphere. You can actually catch the sunset so the best time to book a table is probably 6.30 pm.


3 Temasek Blvd, #03-302/303 Suntec City, Singapore 038983

(Located within the Sky Garden on Level 3. You may access the Sky Garden via the lift near KOI Signature.)

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