Best Compact Eco-friendly Hand Soap tablets by Slurpy Bear

These soap tablets are not new and I first heard about this innovation on Shark Tank a few years ago. Slurpy Bear recently came up with their own version. It is pretty revolutionary because the concept behind it is simple yet no one thought of reducing a bottle of soap into a tablet until now – when the world decides that we should say no to plastic waste.

Slurpy Bear Eco-friendly hand soap tablets

These innovative tablets are now made available in Singapore. One of the eco-friendly brands in Singapore, Slurpy Bear has come up with their version of hand soap tablets. These soap tablets even come in 2 different fragrances: pink grapefruit as well as tangerine and rose. The tablets come in a pack of 3 tablets. It is ultra-light and compact. So instead of buying a hand soap bottle or refill packs, you will just need to get a foaming hand soap tablet which weighs only 8 grams and occupies little space in my storeroom or toilet cabinet. What is there not to love about this product?

It looks no different from a candy and you can probably store them for a long time. When you need it, you just need to toss it into a bottle of water. Imagine if there are body soap and shampoo tablets too. I would run to get them too.

Slurpy Bear Eco-friendly hand soap tablets

I got my hands on their pink grapefruit tablet refills as well as their reusable hand soap bottle with a foam pump. To use it, simply fill the bottle up with water and then drop the tablet in for it to dissolve in the water. The tablet will start to fizz in the water and it will take around 20 minutes for it to be fully dissolved.

Slurpy Bear Eco-friendly hand soap tablets

After some time, the solution in the bottle also starts to turn pinkish. On the first pump, the foam felt smooth and gentle. The texture of the foam is softer than other hand soaps and it releases a pleasant fruity fragrance that lingers on the skin for quite a while. Most importantly, it did not leave my skin feeling dry at all.

Slurpy Bear Eco-friendly hand soap tablets

I am truly amazed by how compact hand soaps can be and I prefer foaming hand soap tablets over bulky hand soap bottles or refill packs.

Slurpy Bear Eco-friendly hand soap tablets

Now, when are they going to release body soap tablets?

Where to get Slurpy Bear products?

Available now on Shopee.

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