An Honest Review of My Express Facial experience at Ombré in Serangoon Central

Ombré Concepts Express Facial Affordable Serangoon Central $28

I’ve been looking for another facial spot after shifting over to the other end of Singapore. With my busy schedule, I would prefer to go for express facials over the regular facials that would typically last for 2 hours. I have tried a few express facial spots in Singapore but only Ombré Concepts stood out to me the most.

Ombré Concepts

It’s an express facial salon located under a HDB block at Serangoon Central. It is a 5-minute walk from Serangoon MRT station, a stone’s throw away from NEX shopping mall. Currently, they only have one outlet in Singapore and hence it is only convenient for those who are living in the North-east region. That maybe a downsideas it is not as highly accessible as compared to other express facial salons.

Like most express facial salons, they do not offer packages. They are also transparent with their prices. There are no hidden costs and they do not hard sell. If you have done facials in Singapore, you will know that some of the salons do hard sell to their customers with their facial packages. I have been through and sat through consultations where their therapist would employ various strategies and tactics to get you to purchase their treatments. Over here, you just book an appointment, get your treatment done then pay and leave.

Ombré Concepts Express Facial Affordable Serangoon Central $28

Prices of their express facial treatments

They currently offer 7 types of facial treatments. I believe they will release new treatments from time to time. Their 15-minute express facial starts from $28 and their 30-minute advance treatments start from $98. They also offer facial combos at combo prices where you can combine the treatments into one.

Unlike other express facial salons, Ombré Concepts offers manual extraction facials. For my skin condition, I find manual extractions to be the most effective in clearing out my pores.

Price list

Hydraclean (15 mins) – $28 (Deep cleanse, exfoliate with ultrasonic scrubber extraction, hydrate)

Hydraextraction (15 mins) – $28 (Deep cleanse, manual extraction, hydrate)

Hydrafusion (30 mins) – $58 (Deep cleanse, exfoliate with ultra scrubber extraction, ampoule infusion using both thermotherapy and cryotherapy)

Meso Jet (30 mins) – $58 (Deep cleanse, exfoliate with ultra scrubber extraction, AIRJET ampoule infusion)

Mesomts (30 mins) – $98 (Deep cleanse, MTS needling with ampoule infusion, face massage)


Endymed Face V-lift /Eye Lift (30 mins) – $98 (tighten and contour face with 3DEEP RF technology)

Ombré Concepts Express Facial Affordable Serangoon Central $28

Currently, they have 2 treatment rooms which are manned by 2 therapists. Based on experience, it is best to stick to one therapist that you are comfortable. Over time, he or she would be able to understand your skin better and provide proper skincare advice.

Extra perks

If you spend $58 or more on their treatments per session, you will get a free 30-minute Ombre sculpt treatment, a body shaping treatment for free. The sculpt machine utilizes High Intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic technology to tone the muscles and burn fat. It felt like my muscles were pulsing during the treatment and it is pretty much pain-free but if you do feel some discomfort, you can request for the therapist to lower the intensity of the machine.

Ombré Concepts Express Facial Affordable Serangoon Central $28

My Treatment Experience

I tried their Hydraclean combined with Hydraextraction. The deep cleansing step was done using a machine and right after this step, they exfoliate the skin using a scrubber. This was followed by the manual extraction step where they used an extraction needle to prick the skin. The manual extractions performed by the therapist can be rather painful but she is very thorough with the extractions, making sure that the gunk in the pores is removed. My skin felt less bumpy and smoother after the treatment. I knew I had to go back because I felt that their therapist was experienced and I knew that I could trust her with my skin.

Ombré Skincare Products

They carry their own line of skincare products which you can also purchase from. The serums range from $50 to 55, the cleanser is $35 and the sun lotion with SPF 60 costs $45. After the treatment, they will usually apply their own line of skincare products like sun lotion on your skin.

Ombré Concepts Express Facial Affordable Serangoon Central $28

Overall, I am satisfied with their facials and I am looking forward to my next treatment.


Ombré Concepts

265 Serangoon Central Dr #01-267

Singapore 550265

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