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8 Things You Must Do to Experience Penang

The heart of Penang lies in Georgetown where most of the attractions are located. Like Singapore, you can mainly cover the main attractions in the city in 3 days. To make your time in Penang worthwhile, what are some of the local experiences you got to try? 1. Try Penang Assam Laksa Start your day…

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Heritage Festival @ The Waterfront : Singapore-style Buffet at Food Capital

Singapore: ‘Makan Paradise’ What’s a Singaporean-thing to do during the long National Day weekend? Gather family and friends at the table to ‘makan’. Eating seems to be one of our favourite past times because of our cultural diversity and uniqueness as a Singaporean are found embedded in our food. To get an authentic taste of Singapore,…

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Dining with Eatsy at BLACK&INK

I had some time off on Friday to dine out at the cafe called BLACK&INK, a cafe which is usually brimming with brunch crowds on the weekends, and it can get rather packed. In situations like this, you might want to check out Eatsy. What can Eatsy do for you? Eatsy is a collaborative dining…

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Myo Restobar : Affordable Dim Sum Delights at CBD Area

As Singapore’s temperatures drop to an all-time low, I’m starting to crave for warm Chinese food. One of the new kid on the block in our local Chinese restaurant scene is Myo Restobar, a modern restaurant-cum-bar that serves traditional Cantonese dishes alongside classic dim sum made with an innovative twist, in a contemporary industrial setting. It…

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The Trufflebello Burg

We may just be a really tiny dot on the map but I’m proud to say that we’ve got one of the best vegan burgers here in town. Making a plant-based burger that tastes as delicious and flavourful as the meat-based burger is no easy feat. If you could convince a meat-love to eat a plant-based burger,…

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EUREKA: The Best Popcorn You’ll Ever Have

  If you think that popcorn only comes in sweet and salted flavour, then you are wrong! Ever since I’ve tried Eureka popcorn from Johor Bahru (JB), I couldn’t stop thinking about their amazing flavoured popcorn that comes in savoury flavours like Cheese, Curry and Sour Cream. Once you pop it into your mouth, you can never…

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Spargelzeit @ Brotzeit: White Asparagus Seasonal Menu

  To the Germans, white asparagus is their king of vegetables. Just like for us Singaporeans, durian is our king of fruit. This seasonal vegetable would excite any Germans as this bitter-sweet vegetable brings back nostalgic memories of their childhood as they have been eating this spring vegetable for generations. ‘Spargel’ is what the Germans…

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