I’m 100% Singaporean. I’m a lifestyle blogger who enjoys learning and discovering the latest trendy happenings in town. Writing, photography and videography have very well been part and parcel of my life. These are three which I will never stop doing.

I have a heart for the environment and the community as a whole. For me, travelling is a privilege and would love to travel as far to the ends of the world if there is an opportunity too.

10 years of blogging has given me an opportunity to reach out to the world and discovering more about myself through Christ. It is the most meaningful project of my life where I put my heart and soul into it. So welcome to my open book of life.

How it all started?

I stumble across blogging while I doing a University communication module back in 2010. From a mere academic assignment, it is now my assignment of a lifetime which I document my new discoveries, milestones in life and my heartfelt thoughts.

Feel free to approach me as I would love to connect with you. I am just an email away. (u0703890@gmail.com).

Have far have I impacted the world? Check out my media appearances here.


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