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The Blessed Soaps by Nature’s Glory

Nature’s Glory Nature’s Glory is not just into nourishing organic food but now also into creating organic liquid soaps which are safe for you, your family, and even babies, to use. This health-conscious company is keen on bringing only the best organic and natural products to you in Singapore. The Blessed Soap They have just…

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Flower Care with Floraison Studio

I love receiving fresh flowers, and I often wish they would last much longer. Typically, the bouquets which I received could only last up to 5 days. Previously, I wrote an article on ways to keep the flowers last longer. Florists would recommend using flower food or aspirin. It just so happened that I came…

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HANS IM GLÜCK: Healthy Gourmet Burger Restaurant (Vegan-friendly)

Calling all Health-conscious diners, here’s a new healthy gourmet restaurant (vegan-friendly too!) where you can enjoy decent German meat-free burgers. HANS IM GLÜCK has opened its latest gourmet burger grill restaurant in Singapore, along bustling Orchard Road. It is Germany’s most celebrated gourmet burger grill chain and this is their 50th outlet! Fret not, they also often meat-based burgers which are pretty legit too.

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The Perfect Eco-friendly Pillow

  Resting in bed is probably everyone’s favourite activity. We spent almost one-third of the day in bed resting and allowing our body to rest and naturally restore itself. That is why I am rather particular about my beddings – is my pillow comfortable enough? Are the bedsheets smooth and comfortable to sleep on? Having…

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