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The Perfect Eco-friendly Pillow

  Resting in bed is probably everyone’s favourite activity. We spent almost one-third of the day in bed resting and allowing our body to rest and naturally restore itself. That is why I am rather particular about my beddings – is my pillow comfortable enough? Are the bedsheets smooth and comfortable to sleep on? Having…

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Conscious Dining at The Garden: Singapore’s first ever Organic Brunch Buffet

The Garden at So SPA, by Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa, has taken conscious dining up a notch with their new Organic Brunch Buffet, featuring sustainably-sourced and organic fresh ingredients paired with organic wines and juices. Fresh produce, like vegetables, is sourced locally from the Singapore urban farms, so you get to enjoy a clean…

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Artisan & Fox : Ethical Artisan Marketplace

During my travels, I would come across brilliant craftsmen who are really good at making functional or decorative pieces out of the earthy elements or materials obtained naturally from plants. They are often the ones who live close to nature and has all the time in the world to study and master a form of…

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