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HANS IM GLÜCK: Healthy Gourmet Burger Restaurant (Vegan-friendly)

Calling all Health-conscious diners, here’s a new healthy gourmet restaurant (vegan-friendly too!) where you can enjoy decent German meat-free burgers. HANS IM GLÜCK has opened its latest gourmet burger grill restaurant in Singapore, along bustling Orchard Road. It is Germany’s most celebrated gourmet burger grill chain and this is their 50th outlet! Fret not, they also often meat-based burgers which are pretty legit too.

Food, Health, Vegetarian

Randy Indulgence: ACAI BOWL, SHIOK!

Whenever there’s a new Acai shop in town, I will make sure I’m one of the first to try it. My favourite version of Acai bowl is one with a right mix of fruits and crunchy toppings like granola and nuts. I prefer frozen Acai which has more of a sorbet-like icy texture, and Randy Indulgence seemed to have got the ratio of Acai pulp and frozen fruits right.