Don’t we all want a fitter, toner and healthier body? For years, I’ve been procrastinating to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet. So this year, I want to make a revolutionary change to my lifestyle – incorporating fitness into my daily routine. Being all active is not enough. I also wanted to go organic and feed my body with only nutritious food which would empower me to better a healthy and happier person. Join me on a journey of health and fitness where I would share my fitness reviews, diets, and exercise regimes!

Personal Fitness Journey

If Only I Could Hit the Gym With This Chic Outfit
I’m a Licensed Zumba Instructor!
Forever 21 Active Gymwear
Vivre Active Wear : Yoga Top

Eating Clean

Healthy Snack Ideas
Ditch the Butter, Go for Dairy-Free Spreads
Juicing My Way to Clean Health
Healthy Snack: Dates
Raw Red Bell Pepper Dressing by Balanced Living
How to juice wheatgrass with a blender
Tupperware Turbo Chopper
The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr.Douglas Graham
Morning Beverage: Apple Cider Vinegar Honey Drink 
Fruit fun : The Yellow Mellow Fruit Platter
Raw Apple Cider Vinegar: The Abs Drink
BOX GREEN : Healthy Snacking
10 Healthy Snacks You Can Buy From NTUC
BOXGREEN : Surprise me or not?
Cocolife : Nuts about Coconuts
Kona Green Spirulina Green Tea
CHIA Nutritional Drink 
The Australian Carob Co.
Froothie Optimum 9400 High-speed Vortex Blender

Beauty Cleanse

Beauty Cleanse: Juicing Cleanse 101 and My 5-Day Juice Detox Challenge
Beauty Cleanse: The Start of My Juice Detox Challenge
Beauty Cleanse: My 5-Day Juice Cleanse Journal

Hic’ Juice

Reborn 3-Day Juice Cleanse with Hic’ Juice 
Hic’ Juice Launch Party + 7Cycle


Healthy Organic Snacks from myLIFE INC.
myLIFE INC. : Celebrating This Festive Season in ‘Natural N Organic’ Style
How to Spice Up Your Salad Bowl
Healthy Snack Attack: From Chocolate to Fruit Chips
TEAISM : Chocolate Strawberry Tea
Healthy Stash from myLifeInc.

Food Haul

My First Raw and Organic Food Haul at iHerb
Naturade Total Soy – Meal Replacement Shake
Second iHerb Haul
Natural Beauty Haul @ iHerb

Interview with Channel News Asia

Day 1 Shooting with CNA on Cost of Living Well: Interview with Nutritionist Sheeba
Day 2 Shooting with CNA on Cost of Living Well: My Plant-based Diet Lifestyle
Day 3 Shooting with CNA on Cost of Living Well: Interview with Nutritionist Pooja

Made Real SG

My First Subscription box!

Health Supplements

30 Days (TM) 
Urah Bone Health: Optimal Micellar Glucosamine Cream
ORBIS PETIT Shakes – One Meal Replacement Drink
Reduze PRO
Anzyme Uterine Tonic
Glovida: Online Health Store

Fitness Reviews


RealFit : Your Body is Your Own Gym

Breathe Pilates

My Fitness Goals For Breathe Pilates 30-Day Challenge
Pilates 30-Day Challenge: Nutrition Talk @ Balanced Living Asia
Pilates 30-Day Challenge @Breathe Pilates: Week 1
Pilates 30-Day Challenge @Breathe Pilates: Week 2
Pilates 30-Day Challenge @Breathe Pilates: Week 3
Pilates 30-Day Challenge @Breathe Pilates: Week 4

Space and Light Studios

Space and Light Studios (Yoga)

Radiance PhysioFit

Radiance PhysioFit: First Physiotherapy session
Radiance PhysioFit: Physiotherapy – It’s Time To Stretch Out Your IT Bands!

5 Reasons Why Girls Should Learn Muay Thai

Virgin Active

Virgin Active Singapore : Gym Tour
Virgin Active Singapore: Anti-Gravity Yoga
Zumba Step @ Virgin Active
Pulse @ Virgin Active

Kinetika Xtreme

Let’s Bring Up the Intensity, Unleash and Train Like A Beast

Meraki Yoga

Meraki Yoga : Hot Yoga Boutique Studio in the West
My Yoga Journey with Meraki Yoga
What to Expect During Your First Hot Yoga Class
Which Type of Yoga Works Best For You


Run 350: Running for a Greener Future
Mizuno Ekiden Run 2015
Spartan Sprint Race Singapore 2015 
DC Justice League Run 2015
Great Eastern Women’s Run 2015
The Music Run by AIA 2016
Mizuno Ekiden Run 2016

Brainy Moves

Brainy Moves: How Exercise can reveal that Einstein in You

Aileron Wellness

Aileron Wellness: Run Wild On That Green Green Grass

Tirisula Yoga

Tirisula Yoga: Eat Clean, Sleep Peacefully and Teach Yoga


Soulscape 2014
Soulscape 2015

Contour Express

A Women-friendly Gym in the Neighbourhood

Nicholas Low 

Exercise Through Dance

Foamroller SG

How to use the foamroller

Active Hive

How I burn 908 Calories in 33 minutes

Saakalya Yoga

Why Yoga isn’t Yoga Anymore

Chakra Yoga

Platinum Yoga

Platinum Yoga @ Westgate