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Getting Fitter and Healthier in 2018!

It’s been quite a while since I have done the BodyBoss workout using their Ultimate Body Fitness Guide which is a 12-Week Step-By-Step Fitness Program that includes fun and challenging high-intensity workouts. After trying out for a month or so, I got caught up with work. (You can read my previous post here.) At the same time, I…

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Tech Gadgets

Counting Down to 2018 with Canon SELPHY

Have a glass of wine, let your hair down and get ready to usher in the new year. Entering into 2018 would also mean looking back at 2017 and recollecting all those memorable moments that made you today. Whether it is a happy or sad episode, they enriched our lives and made us stronger. One of the…

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flowers, Home Decor

The Flower Language

  Sending flowers to someone is akin to sending a message as flowers are infused with symbols and meaning. When you receive exotic flowers like tulip from someone, what is the messenger trying to imply? I had just received a customised bouquet from Litte Flower Hut.  It consists a medley of Veronica, Rose, Ranunculus, Tulip, and Green…

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Singapore, Travel

Singapore’s Very Own Peranakan House

I began to cultivate this strong interest in Peranakan culture after visiting the Peranakan museum in Penang. This culture is prominent in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia where younger generations of this community still live. There is a small community of Peranankans (a.k.a Straits-born Chinese) here in Singapore, so it’s fitting that there…

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Food, Japanese

IZA: Your Local Izakaya Bar

IZA stems from the Japanese word ‘Izakaya’ which means gastropub. Initially, I thought that this is just another Japanese bar that serves sakes and beers with yakitori. But after I sat down to have a meal there, I realised that this isn’t your typical Japanese gastropub. IZA is your local version of Izakaya Bar with…

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Camera, Photography, Tech Gadgets

Canon Imaging Academy: Studio Lighting for Portraits

After going through the Basic Photography Course at Canon Imaging Academy and a couple of other photography workshops there, I was inspired to learn more about photography. Or rather, these courses and workshops had open me up to this new world of photography. Strangely, photography isn’t just about those confusing ISO, F-stop numbers or other manual settings. A lot…

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X’MAS with Eureka Snack Popcorn

Remember my previous blog post on the best popcorn you’ll ever have? Eureka Singapore is now offering their new Christmas gift pack which comes in a lovely box where you can find a medley of popcorn. These are healthy preservative-free and non-GMO popcorns that are coated with a myriad of flavours to tease your taste buds. In addition…

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Soul Talk

Discover The True Aura Within You

We’ve finally come to the end of 2017. Time whizzes past us so quickly that sometimes we often forget to take a breather and reflect at each important stage in our lives. I guess December is always a good time to unwind and take a long deserved break from work. It is also the time…

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