Little Journal Lockets

I’m An INFP ; So, What is Yours?
2014, Just do it
25 facts about me
The Musical Keys are the Colours of Rainbow in My Life
How I Started Singing
Wedding Performance @ St.Regis Singapore
My Room Transformation
My 2015 Birthday Celebrations
I found My Soulmate on Tinder
The Battle is The Lord’s
What if
What Makes Us Human
Work for 4 Days in A Week and Rest for 3 Days
Baptism + Speaking in Tongues

My Fictional Stories

Soul Bubble

Guy Vs Girl

5 Romantic Eco-friendly Dating Ideas
The Strange Love Experiment


Ana Shell ( Owner of the private Fund of entrepreneurs-inventors Territory of “Shell”)
Sylvia Yeo ( Director of Sylvia Skin Atelier)
Tarj Mavi ( Founder of La Mav Organic Skin Science)
Ania Anna Przeplasko ( Director of the International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA)
Sandy Blandin ( Fragrance Expert and founder of Nose Who Knows)
Deankie and Tiara (Winners of Season 3 The Apartment)