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The Blessed Soaps by Nature’s Glory

Nature’s Glory Nature’s Glory is not just into nourishing organic food but now also into creating organic liquid soaps which are safe for you, your family, and even babies, to use. This health-conscious company is keen on bringing only the best organic and natural products to you in Singapore. The Blessed Soap They have just…

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Artisan & Fox : Ethical Artisan Marketplace

During my travels, I would come across brilliant craftsmen who are really good at making functional or decorative pieces out of the earthy elements or materials obtained naturally from plants. They are often the ones who live close to nature and has all the time in the world to study and master a form of…

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Himalaya Since 1930 : The Root to Beauty

Turmeric has its place and significance in the beauty industry. The use of this medicinal herb dates back nearly 400 years ago in India where it was used as an ointment to treat various ailments. Today,    the Himalaya Drug Company is going back to the roots of beauty by introducing Turmeric and Neem as key ingredients…

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The Frank Food Company : Getting Frank with Vegetables

Let’s be FRANK here. Are organic vegetables safer and healthier? Are organic vegetables really organic? There are clear differences between organic and non-organic produce. Without a doubt, non-organic produce contains lower toxic compounds and pesticides. And organic produce, on the other hand, contains higher antioxidants as compared to non-organic produce. It all boils down to…

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Geranium Hair Salon: Organic Hair and Scalp Treatment

I often got asked the same question over and over again when I introduced myself as an eco-conscious blogger. “How do you live sustainably?” You don’t necessarily have to eat greens and go zero-waste to live sustainably. There are so many ways to practise sustainability in your life and the easiest way to start living…

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Tulin.Asia : Pure Organic Beauty Options

There aren’t many natural and organic beauty products back then but today, you will notice that there’s a booming number of beauty companies who invested in producing natural or vegan-friendly beauty products for the growing number of eco-conscious individuals all over the world including Singapore. Although they market it as a ‘natural’ or ‘organic’, some…

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Innisfree Haul #2: Orchid Gel Cream, Green Tea Mint Fresh, Eco Safety Aqua Perfect Sun Gel, Green Tea Mint Fresh Scalp Scaler, Green Tea Seed Serum

It’s time of the year to invest on some good skincare products that would suit my mature skin as youthfulness slowly slips away. I am no longer using drugstore skin care products for teens. Neither am I using over-priced skincare products that is way out of my budget. I still go for brands that offer…

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