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Kampung Terih (Batam, Indonesia): An Eco-village

A Photostory Our mystery photo spot was at a Kampong village called Kampong Terih. This village is developing into a tourist attraction for tourists visiting Batam to have a glimpse of what Kampong life is all about. We are tasked to take creative shots for this photo competition. It is a simple village by the …

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Moksa Ubud: Plant-based Cafe in Ubud, Bali

“Why Moksa?” ” In Hinduism, it means liberation.” It all stems from the concept of freedom that has propelled the creators of this restaurant, Made Janur Yasa and Chef Made Runatha, to idealize their hopes and vision. No more fears or destruction imposed on our environment when food is served on our plate. No lives …

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Want a Haze-less Environment? Go Palm Oil-free

Almost every other year, Singapore has been experiencing this trans-national haze that blurred out our modern city skyline for a couple of days before the wind direction changes, and the skies were all cleared again. No,we did not set our own forests on fires ( it’s not like we have much forests to be burnt …

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