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3-Day Juice Cleanse Journey with EGA Juice Clinic

What’s a Juice Cleanse? It must have been two years since I last did a juice cleanse. I enjoy drinking fruit and vegetable juices so sipping juices all day without having any solid food seems doable. I especially enjoy the after-effects of a juice cleanse too. You will feel invigorated and energized after a 3 or…

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Ikeda Spa Prestige: A Ryokan-style Japanese Spa

  I’ve frequented Clarke Quay Central so many times but I never that there was a Ryokan-style Japanese Spa in the shopping mall. It is a real oasis within this bustling district.  At this wellspring, you will find all the rest that you’ll need. We urbanites sometimes need a break, don’t we? It was my…

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Geranium Hair Salon: Organic Hair and Scalp Treatment

I often got asked the same question over and over again when I introduced myself as an eco-conscious blogger. “How do you live sustainably?” You don’t necessarily have to eat greens and go zero-waste to live sustainably. There are so many ways to practise sustainability in your life and the easiest way to start living…

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Happiness in a Tub

We might not be in Italy but we get to enjoy fresh gelato made by an Italian living in Singapore who runs Alfero Gelato. Marco Alfero makes his own gelato from scratch and his gelato contains no artificial flavouring or additives but only pure goodness from natural ingredients. For this Christmas, Alfero Gelato came up…

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CocoLife : Nuts About Coconuts

Coconut water has been dubbed as ‘nature’s sports drink’. It contains less calories, less sodium and more potassium than a regular sports drink. These minerals are needed to replace the electrolytes in our body as we tend to lose mineral-rich fluid through sweat during exercise. Coconut water is hyped up with the introduction of the…

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