Our Buffet Date: The Art of Omi

This August and September, 10 at Claymore is featuring the Omi Wagyu Beef from Shiga prefecture in Japan. This beef is obtained from cattle which is raised and grain-fed in rich natural surroundings, producing intense marbling in the meat. The result is a tasting experience of texture that melts-in-the-mouth, accompanied by unique aroma and tenderness….

10 at Claymore @ Pan Pacific Orchard Goes to Penang! : Pearl of Orient, Penang Fiesta

Photo credit: Pan Pacific Orchard   DISCLAIMER: I think it is only right for me to warn you that following images that you are able to see will cause salivation, stomach growls and other forms of distractions. I am not responsible for any of the following circumstances mentioned below. 1. A pool of saliva from…

Crustacean Pleasures @ 10 at Claymore, Pan Pacific Orchard

Crustacean Celebrations Get your seafood cravings satisfied in October and November with the Crustacean Celebrations happening now at 10 at Claymore til 30 November, right at Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel.  I took a ‘dive’ down to Pan Pacific Orchard last Sunday for Brunch to explore the ‘treasures of the ocean’ found at 10 at Claymore….