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An Adventurous Day-out at Sentosa

Let the Adventure begins! The city life in mainland Singapore can be stifling. And if you think that Singapore is boring, think again. Sentosa might be the answer to our boredom. It isn’t just an island for tourists but a short getaway for us locals too. After multiple visits to the island, I’ve discovered that there were…

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Coastes: Dining by the Beach

There’s something magical about the seaside where the sea and land meets. You hear the waves and feel the breeze that caressed your face. The smell of the salty sea invigorates you. You might be able to taste the saltiness of the sea water when it crashes against the shore, spritzing a spray of seawater…

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Oktoberfest @ Sentosa : Ein Prosit!

Oktoberfest has officially just ended in Germany but not yet in Singapore! From 5th to 8th October, brighten up your night by experiencing authentic Oktoberfest by the beach at Sentosa. With sand under your feet and the gentle sea breeze caressing your face, what better way it is to unwind after a hard day’s work. Oktoberfest…

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