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Travel with Me to Bhutan! : Day 4 – Paro

Day 4 is a slow-moving day for me as we spent most of the time travelling from Punakha to Paro. During the journey back to Paro, we also stopped over for a while at Dochula Pass to take a breather. Like I mentioned, the journey was not easy especially for me as I have motion…

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Should You Get Travel Insurance?

When it comes to travel insurance, is there really a need to purchase? If you don’t have a life insurance, you should buy a travel insurance especially if you are travelling to places alone or to places where you might be doing high-risk sports or activities. With so many types of travel insurance plans out…

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Soul Talk

Life After Retirement

“I want to travel and explore all part of the world before I aged further and my legs no longer support my weight.” That’s what my Dad would say everytime I asked him why he’s travelling so often these days with his khakis. It seems like he is in a rush to cover every country…

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The Montigo Experience in Bali

You’ve heard all about Montigo Resorts at Nongsa, Batam where it is a renowned idyllic seafront resort and it is so popular among us Singaporeans that the resort is always packed on weekends. Now, they have now extended their territory and is offering the luxurious Montigo Experience in Bali, Indonesia. It is nonetheless a perfect…

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Kyushu, Japan: Day 6 – Sakurajima

One of the highlights of this tour is to visit the active volcano, Sakurajima which is still rumbling where we were there! We took a ferry (including our bus) to Sakurajima-Kinkowan Geo Park. It’s a short 15 minutes ferry ride from Kagoshima port to Sakurajima. Sakurajima is currently still rather active!  It is originally an…

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