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The Blessed Soaps by Nature’s Glory

Nature’s Glory Nature’s Glory is not just into nourishing organic food but now also into creating organic liquid soaps which are safe for you, your family, and even babies, to use. This health-conscious company is keen on bringing only the best organic and natural products to you in Singapore. The Blessed Soap They have just …

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Eco-friendly Home Products

The Perfect Eco-friendly Pillow

  Resting in bed is probably everyone’s favourite activity. We spent almost one-third of the day in bed resting and allowing our body to rest and naturally restore itself. That is why I am rather particular about my beddings – is my pillow comfortable enough? Are the bedsheets smooth and comfortable to sleep on? Having …

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Recipes Vegan

Recipe: Carob Maple Popcorn

One of the most overpriced snacks has got to be popcorn that’s because the corn kernel itself is actually rather cheap. In cinemas, a box of popcorn can easily cost up to $6 or $7.  Next time when you watch a movie, why not make your very own popcorn with a healthier sugar alternative instead? …

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Winter Organics : More Green Bath and Body Products!

Hey Glitzies! Do you still have the slightest memory of Winter Organics? Previously, I wrote about their Chamomile facial cleanser which is worked really well on sensitive skin. They are committed to saving the earth, going cruelty-free and practising sustainability. From the ingredients used to its packaging, it is all natural, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. Their …

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Health Recipes

iHerb Vegan-Friendly Skincare Haul

This has been an overdue post as I’ve actually bought all these products from iHerb a couple of months back. The reason why I delay the post because I wanted to test out the products for a longer period of time before reviewing. Now, these products I’ve chosen are based on the reviews contributed on …

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Beauty Organic Skincare

Que Origin: Vegan Scented Shower Gels

Smile to your computer/phone screen if you are guilty of using an excessive amount of shower gels (especially if they smell like heaven) during baths just so you can diffuse the air surrounding you with a nice fragrance. When I shop for shower gels, I tend to choose the strongly scented ones, knowing that the …

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