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The Trufflebello Burg

We may just be a really tiny dot on the map but I’m proud to say that we’ve got one of the best vegan burgers here in town. Making a plant-based burger that tastes as delicious and flavourful as the meat-based burger is no easy feat. If you could convince a meat-love to eat a plant-based burger,…

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nomVnom : Singapore’s Very Own Healthy Vegan Fast food Joint

This vegan fast food restaurant is already shifting mindsets of those meat-eaters here in Singapore. Without meat-based burger patties, would burgers actually taste delicious? nomVnom does it in the most exquisite, eco-friendly and cruelty-free manner – using only plant-based ingredients to make their burgers, fries, spaghetti and even ice cream. Welcome to the Vegan World.…

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Nuts About Black Sesame

I was nuts about black sesame after opening this bottle of sesame butter and finish it all within a week. No wonder my hair seems much thicker and darker now… Okay, jokes aside. But this jar of almond Black sesame by Nutsaboutbutter is now my top favorite butter among their other varieties of nut butter which…

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Moksa Ubud: Plant-based Cafe in Ubud, Bali

“Why Moksa?” ” In Hinduism, it means liberation.” It all stems from the concept of freedom that has propelled the creators of this restaurant, Made Janur Yasa and Chef Made Runatha, to idealize their hopes and vision. No more fears or destruction imposed on our environment when food is served on our plate. No lives…

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Sufood : Vegetarian Fine Dining

If you are talking about innovative food dining concepts which are more than just infused cartoon character themes into the menu, it has got to be vegetarian or vegan fine dining. The list of ingredients has shrunk to just purely vegetables, fruits and other non-meat products. No doubt, it would be more challenging working with…

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Soul Talk

Why I Become A Vegetarian

People often ask if religion is the reason why I decided to go vegetarian but I would often, without hesitation, reply back with a straight no and in my head, I would be thinking ‘ Can’t I do this just for a better health?’ When I shot back with the words ‘for health’, they gave…

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Tirisula Yoga: Eat Clean, Sleep Peacefully and Teach Yoga

We are the artist of our lives. But sometimes, fate can get into the way and perfection becomes miles away. If I could design my perfect day, it would include preparing raw vegan meals, doing yoga, spending time with my loved ones and having a well-rested beauty sleep. Practising yoga, for me, has somewhat evolved…

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Apple Cinnamon PB Oat Porridge Recipe

I’m always excited to get out of bed because I enjoy preparing a nutritious breakfast for myself before head to work. By 6 am, I will be up darting around in the kitchen, sourcing for ingredients to make breakfast and then sitting down by the armchair to eat breakfast leisurely. And that morning, I just…

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