Indulgence Beauty: Aqua ST Facial Treatment

Time flies and it’s already October. I have 5 more months left to prep myself before my wedding and I have been visiting Indulgence Beauty on monthly basis for their facial treatment. I am super thankful to their team of therapists who have been taking great care of my skin. They are my SOS on days when I experience bad skin.

Aqua ST Facial Treatment

A couple of days ago, I went there for my regular facial and tried another new treatment called Aqua ST Facial. My skin was quite clogged because I was feeling a little stressed out about work and wedding. In addition to that, I did not have sufficient sleep so my skin was looking quite dull. And it might also be due to the skincare products I’ve been using as I’d recently switched brands.

After analysing my skin using their skin analyser, my therapist, Rachel told me that my skin needed deep cleansing and exfoliation. She suggested that I try their Aqua ST facial, a multifaceted resurfacing treatment which will help to cleanse and exfoliate my skin.

Vortex Extraction

This 90-minute facial treatment requires the use of a machine which helps to eliminate whiteheads and blackheads. It works by using a strong circulating liquid to flush out all the impurities embedded in the skin.

Indulgence Beauty Aqua ST Facial Treatment

Extraction and Eyebrow Trimming

After the non-irritating vortex extraction treatment, she moves on to trim my eyebrows and did a thorough extraction my skin. It’s great that their facial treatment includes eyebrow trimming so that you don’t really have to shape your eyebrows on your own.

Indulgence Beauty Aqua ST Facial Treatment extraction Tanjong Pagar

Antioxidant Vortex Fusion

Right after extraction, Rachel used the same machine to infuse a hydrating antioxidant solution into my skin. The solution helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation. It felt a little tingling on my skin but it was bearable.

Indulgence Beauty Aqua ST Facial Treatment extraction Tanjong Pagar

Mask Treatment

This 90-minute treatment ends off with a mask. She used a clay mask on my skin to help soothe and calm my skin which was looking a little red after the extraction. But the redness was all gone after the mask treatment.

During the mask treatment, she did a relaxing shoulder and head massage for me. This quick massage also helps to erase any tension in my shoulders and this had helped me to relax during the facial.

Indulgence Beauty Aqua ST Facial Treatment extraction Tanjong Pagar

This simple treatment is great for those who wanted a short but effective facial treatment. I like that the treatment is fuss-free and delivers results without irritation or downtime.

I can’t wait to head back for my next facial as my wedding is approaching. Stay tuned to my blog and YouTube channel for more of my wedding updates!

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