About Me

Yes, my name looks queer because it is actually spelt with a double ‘e’. So it is pronounced as ‘Dee-knees’.

I’m a lifestyle blogger who enjoys learning and discovering the latest trendy happenings in town. My day job teaches me about responsibility while my blogging platform teaches me creativity.

Writing, music, photography and videography have very well been part and parcel of my life. I enjoy weaving meaningful stories that can leave a positive impact on the community and society as a whole.

Humble beginnings.

I stumble across blogging while I doing a University communication module back in 2010. It was an educational platform for us to post our assignments and engage in online discussions with our peers. I would like to credit my lecturer, Mr. Brad Blackstone, who has also encouraged me to blog.

Rediscovering Singapore

Over the years, I started to develop an interest in the arts and heritage of Singapore. It is fun being a tourist in your own country and falling in love with your home country all over again. During my free time, I enjoy going for heritage walks and visiting museums to increase my head knowledge about Singapore and the world. Check out my Instagram on places you can check out in Singapore!

My Minimalist lifestyle.

I have a heart for the environment and the community as a whole. You can call me a minimalist for I tend to live more simply and always think twice before purchasing anything. And I dislike clutter and mess.

Travelling and exploring.

To me, travelling is a privilege and would love to travel as far to the ends of the world if there is an opportunity too. It is a mind-engaging and soul enlivening activity to be exploring a strange land on foot. Thus, I am always eager to travel and share my experiences with others

It’s almost a decade.

11 years of blogging has given me an opportunity to reach out to the world and discovering more. It is the most meaningful project of my life where I put my heart and soul into it. I’ve also shared stories on my relationship and my walk with Christ.

What really keeps me motivated to keep writing and creating content for all, is the love for sharing and documenting each and every stage of my life. The endless opportunities for me to learn and meet new people has also kept me going.

From a mere academic assignment, it is now my assignment of a lifetime which I document my new discoveries, milestones in life and my heartfelt thoughts. Feel free to approach me as I would love to connect or collaborate with you. I am just an email away. (u0703890@gmail.com).

Have far have I impacted the world? Check out my media appearances here.


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