Good Morning Nanyang Cafe’s Orange Ciabatta Kaya Toast

Good Morning Nanyang Kaya Toast Far East Plaza Singapore Breakfast Set

My hunt for the best kaya toast and egg set continues as I ventured out further beyond the usual local breakfast spots to search for the eatery that offers the best Kaya toast. Based on some recommendations from some local foodies I knew, I decided to check out Good Morning Nanyang cafe.

Their Unique Orange Ciabatta Toast

Good Morning Nanyang Cafe is well-known for its unique orange ciabatta kaya toast. That item on their menu jumped out right at me. Why pair an Italian white bread with traditional Kaya and butter? Is there a story behind this? Does kaya taste better on a slice of Italian white bread? I had to find this out so I headed over to their outlet at Far East Plaza which is located along the bustling streets of Orchard Road.

Good Morning Nanyang Cafe’s Kaya Toast Set

Good Morning Nanyang Kaya Toast Far East Plaza Singapore Breakfast Set

There are a total of 4 breakfast toast sets to choose from. And the price of each toast set ranges from $4.70 to $5.70. I went for Set A which is a basic breakfast toast set that comprises of kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs and one cup of tea or coffee.

Since we also wanted to try their orange ciabatta toast, we also bought Set C which is the orange ciabatta kaya toast set that costs $5.70. The prices for the ciabatta toast set is pretty steep so I had harbour quite a high expectation for it.

The Hot Beverages

Kopi Siew Dai Kaya Toast Far East Plaza Singapore Breakfast Set

We tried their Kopi Siew Dai (milk coffee with less sugar) and their Teh (milk tea) which were pleasant. But they weren’t outstanding. It’s just a little better than average.

The Kaya Toast

Good Morning Nanyang Kaya Toast Far East Plaza Singapore Breakfast Set

Their style of kaya toast is similar to Ya Kun’s. Each slice of toast is very thin and crisp. The only difference between Good Morning Nanyang’s toast and Ya Kun’s is the way they present the butter. Ya Kun serves their butter is chunks but for Good Morning Nanyang, they spread the butter evenly across the toast.

As to whether Ya Kun’s or Good Morning Nanyang’s toasts tasted better, it was difficult to tell. But one thing for sure, both kaya toasts are of similar standards.

Some may argue that Good Morning Nanyang serves better kaya toast. But to us, nothing tasted like the ones we had at Heap Seng Leong Coffeeshop. Heap Seng’s charcoal-grilled toasts ae hands down the best.

Orange Ciabatta Kaya Toast

Good Morning Nanyang cafe orange ciabatta toast Far East Plaza Singapore Breakfast Set

But I have to applaud them for introducing a twist to our traditional kaya toast. The bread is soft and I can taste that slight tinge of orange flavour in the ciabatta bread which is baked with orange peels. I wish that the natural orange flavour comes out stronger though. Otherwise, it just tasted like a regular soft white bread.

The Half-boiled Eggs

kaya toast Far East Plaza Singapore Breakfast Set

The eggs though, were cooked to perfection. It was cooked evenly and it was not too watery like the ones served at Ya Kun.

My Verdict

The best Kaya toast title goes to Heap Seng Leong Coffeeshop, followed by Good Morning Nanyang Cafe then Ya Kun (as of now).

My love for kaya toast still goes on and on.

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