Hello Kitty Strawberry Perfect Hydrating Mask

Sexylook’s Hello Kitty Strawberry Perfect Hydrating Mask

I’ve been told that the skin right beneath my cheeks are rather dry. Other skin imperfections including enlarged pores and appearance of aging lines are slowly starting to show up due to dehydration of the skin. To improve my skin condition, I’ve been seeking ways to hydrate my body and skin by drinking plenty of water and applying hydration lotions, moisturizing serums and hydrating masks. Whatever ways or products that could boost up the moisture level in my skin, I would definitely give it a go.

Often, the root of several skin problems is due to the lack of moisture content on the skin surface. Insufficient water prevents the skin cells from functioning properly. So I would think that the most fundamental step to skincare is actually moisturising your skin. The key to maintain good skin is to hydrate.

It’s really not surprising that my skin gets dehydrated all the time due to the environmental condition I’m in. I spent several hours in a day in an air-conditioned office and another several hours outdoors at work. In order to rehydrate my skin, I would practically drown myself with lots of water during the day. During the night, I would have to rely on facial masks and hydrating sleeping mask to hydrate and rehydrate my skin indoors. In fact, I’ve been advised to use a facial masks daily instead of using it once or twice a week which was recommended in beauty magazines. I’ve tried using facial paper masks daily and it works for my skin, keeping it moist and soft. For some, this may not be suitable as using facial masks daily could be too rich for the skin and may cause breakouts or other forms of irritations. But so far, my daily skin care regime would include a facial mask which I will try to alternate between the different types or brands of masks.

But that would also mean that I need to stock up quite alot of facial mask at home! But thankfully, just as when my facial masks are running out, Secretive (Lush Group) sent me their Hello Kitty Strawberry Perfect hydrating mask to do a review on it. I’ve been using SexyLook’s mask for a couple of months ago and I’ve always been wanting to try out their Hello Kitty masks too and this is really timely as I finally get to try it!

 5 Lovely packets of Hello Kitty Strawberry masks in a box
This could be a perfect gift for your girlfriends who adore Hello Kitty.
Strawberries not only smell and taste good but it’s also good for the skin and teeth too. It’s packed with Vitamin C that promotes a healthy body and it’s a natural teeth whitener when you rub strawberry juice against your pearlies. You might not want to go through the hassle of smearing strawberry juice all over your face when there’s a facial paper mask that is soaked with 25ml of strawberry essence. 
Strawberry essence would help to tighten up large and visible pores on your skin, especially the nose and cheeks area. In addition to this, this Hello Kitty hydrating masks also includes collagen and royal jelly essence to help keep skin hydrated to achieve that soft and dewy complexion.
Soaked with multiple goodness of strawberry essence, collagen and royal jelly.
For those with wider facial surface area like myself, you would probably be glad to know that this mask is indeed quite big and it covers a large surface area, making sure that the sides of your face,nearing the hairline, is also well-hydrated with the 3 different skin essences. 
Leave the mask on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes and then remove the mask. Pat and massage the remaining essence into your skin gently in a circular motion and leave it for essence absorption. 
The facial mask is pretty generous with its essence as the mask is very drenched and saturated that you might notice that some of the drops of essence will start to drip. But unlike the other facial mask I use, this paper mask is absorbent as it holds on quite well to the skin essence which could then be left on your skin for maximum absorption.
Apply the mask just before you go to bed so that you will wake up with a glowy skin. Hopefully, this facial mask allows you to save time and trouble as you don’t have to pile up so many skincare products on your face before you turn into bed. If you are having a girl’s night-out or sleepover party soon, you should grab this Hello Kitty Strawberry perfect hydrating masks for your facial session! 
I’m heading to the sacks now. 
Shutting my eyes as I enjoy the fruity strawberry scent of the essence in the mask.
Let’s start hydrating our skin every night from today!
Available at Watsons Stores.

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