Hong Kong Travel Itinerary Deeniseglitz

How do you usually plan your holiday trip?

I typically take a couple of months to plan a fulfilling vacation with meaningful activities and some empty pockets of time to roam the city. In that way, I can make the most out of the trip when I have a rough idea of what I would like to do. After all, wouldn’t you want to make your time worthwhile in a foreign land?

For this Hong Kong trip, I tried my best to incorporate activities and attractions which both my partner and I will enjoy. I also set aside some free and easy time just in case we would like to spend more time at an attraction or make changes to our plans. Here’s my 5-day Hong Kong itinerary in December 2018. Hope you will find this useful!

5-Day Hong Kong Itinerary

Day 1: Getting Into the Rhythm of This City

Hong Kong Travel Itinerary Deeniseglitz Airport Express


  • Take Airport Express
  • Buy Hong Kong Data SIM Card at 7-11 Kowloon Station
  • Take free airport shuttle to Tsim Sha Tsui from Kowloon Station
  • Check-in hostel Hop Inn on Carnarvon
  • Buy Octopus Card at Tsim Sha Tsui Station
  • Take a train to Mong Kok Station
  • Eat at Hee Wan Roasted Kitchen
  • Visit Ladies’ Market (Nu Ren Jie) shopping Street
  • Explore Mong Kok till late before heading back to hostel

To save time, we bought a pair of Airport Express train tickets on Klook. It brings us directly to Kowloon Station where we can take a free shuttle bus to Tsim Sha Tsui. Our hostel is just a few minutes away from Tsim Sha Tsui station.

Hong Kong Travel Itinerary Deeniseglitz Airport Express Train

The Express train is clean and it really moves at a fast speed – almost like Japan’s Shinkansen.

Hong Kong Travel Itinerary Deeniseglitz airport shuttle

There are complimentary airport shuttle take brings to most parts of Hong Kong. How convenient!

Hong Kong Travel Itinerary Deeniseglitz MTR Tsim Sha Tsui

Hong Kong is a well-connected city – it is easy to get around by MTR.

Our Accommodation

Hong Kong Travel Itinerary Deeniseglitz Hop Inn on Carnarvon

We spent four nights at Hop Inn on Carnarvon (hostel) – in their private twin room that comes with a private bathroom. We chose hostels this time as the prices of accommodation in Hong Kong is steep. Besides, the location of the hostel is accessible – we can get to Central in 5 minutes by MTR.

Space is a constraint in this city. As such, the rooms in most hotels and hostels are small. We found our hostel rooms very cramp; but since we spent most of our time exploring this city, the tight space did not bother us too much.

Data SIM Card

Our hostel sells Data SIM cards at around HKD$50 which works out to be around SGD$9. It is slightly cheaper than the ones sold at 7-11. Please do get data in Hong Kong as it is so much easier to get around town with GPS.

After settling into our new space, we head out to Mong Kok to have our late lunch. Mong Kok has changed so much over the years. Right now, this place is like a food haven. You can find so many popular Hong Kong Street food and Bubble Milk tea stalls. For more information on where to eat in Hong Kong, you can read our article on food in Hong Kong.

Day 2

Hong Kong Travel Itinerary Deeniseglitz TramOramic


We started our day with a luxurious Dim Sum breakfast at Conrad Hong Kong. After that, we walked along Causeway Bay as Sam wanted to check out one of the VR game studios.

Later in the afternoon, we went on a TramOramic Tour where we sat on Hong Kong’s iconic tram that brought us around Hong Kong Island. It was such an educational tour that I enjoyed it very much.

After having a late lunch at McDonald’s, we took a train down to Kowloon Station and visited Sky100. We took a long time to figure out where Sky100 is! We discovered later that Sky100 was only a 5-minutes walk from Kowloon Station via Element underground passage. But we ended up enjoying the night view anyway. It was so beautiful!

To end the night, we went to Temple Street and stumbled across this new bubble tea which was handing out free bubble milk tea! What a treat!

Day 3

Hong Kong Travel Itinerary Deeniseglitz the peak

After a quick breakfast, we headed straight to Central Station to meet our Klook guide. It was a Sunday – and the streets were filled with many Filipino ladies – many of whom were maids. It made the weekend crowd worse.

Nonetheless, we managed to secure express Peak Tram passes from Klook which allow us to skip the queue.


  • Have breakfast at Tsui Wah restaurant along Mody Road
  • Meet Klook tour guide at Central Station to collect tickets to The Peak
  • Take the tram to The Peak
  • Explore Central area
  • Buy Harbour Cruise tickets at Star Ferry Terminal
  • Eat at Five Guys
  • Take the evening cruise along Victoria Harbour
  • Catch the evening light show at Tsim Tsha Tsui
Hong Kong Travel Itinerary Deeniseglitz The Peak Tram

It is a 3-minute tram ride to the Peak. Unfortunately, we did not really enjoy our experience at The Peak. It is one of the best vantage points to enjoy a panoramic view of the city. Overall, it is a touristy area which has several souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes.

Hong Kong Travel Itinerary Deeniseglitz The Peak

We took the tram back to Central and decided to take a night harbour cruise. We got our tickets at Star Ferry Pier.

Hong Kong Travel Itinerary Deeniseglitz Star Ferry Pier

It is not cheap but we decided to do it anyway. If I remember correctly, it cost about SGD36 per pax. It would have been cheaper to purchase harbour cruise tickets on Klook.

Hong Kong Travel Itinerary Deeniseglitz Victoria Harbour Cruise

Our cruise tickets include these free snacks and drinks from the bar. The cruise lasted about 1-hour but you can continue to stay onboard as long as you want. They make stops at Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay Terminal.

Hong Kong Travel Itinerary Deeniseglitz Victoria Harbour Cruise

Day 4: Disneyland Hong Kong

Hong Kong Travel Itinerary Deeniseglitz Disneyland


Hong Kong Travel Itinerary Deeniseglitz Disneyland Hong Kong

We spend the whole day at Disneyland in Hong Kong. You can read more about my special guide in Hong Kong Disneyland as well as our Disney-themed Dim Sum experience.

We wish we could stay on another day as we have yet to cover the whole theme park. In addition, the Sleeping Beauty Castle was still undergoing major construction. As such, we did not get that complete Disney Experience. The evening fireworks was also replaced by a night parade.

Day 5

Hong Kong Travel Itinerary Deeniseglitz Food in hong Kong


  • Have breakfast near hostel
  • Take free airport shuttle to Kowloon
  • Take Airport Express train back to Hong Kong International Airport
  • Shop at Duty-free shops
  • Take a flight back to Singapore

On our last day, we had a good hearty breakfast at a Hong Kong-style cafe. Next, we took the airport shuttle back to the airport.

We would love to go back to Hong Kong again as it is such an exciting city to explore. This city has transformed a lot over the years.

Hope this 5-Day Hong Kong itinerary will help you to discover Hong Kong!

You can watch our HK Vlog here:

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